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100% Orange Juice - versioned update now live! (4/3/2021)
  • Fixed so Holy Water cannot be drawn from Extension outside of the Bounty Hunt mode.
  • Fixed so friendly summons do not trigger your "Invisible Bomb", "Dance, Long Eared Beast" and "Flying Pirate" traps.
  • Missing arrows on shops should now be fixed.
Originally posted by Genolla:
Thank you for your reply,
Just to clarify, do you really mean all of the items will become obtainable again including past event artworks, costumes like Mousse Poppo, and pets like Rein?

And to be completely clear the point I was trying to make is that I don't mind missing out on events as long as I am guaranteed to have another chance at them eventually. But when playing Bounty Hungers and learning that Mousse is unobtainable, it really makes players think that it will never be obtainable since it would make the most amount of sense for it to come back now that the updated version of that event is running.

This is why I mentioned the Pigformation event; I missed this event and I am missing the items, but that is completely fine because there has not been a rerun yet. I just don't like when a rerun event like Scramble!! for an Xmas Miracle and Bounty Hungers don't contain all the items from the last time. But hey, if you are confirming that 100% of these items will be obtainable again, then I am happy. It doesn't matter how long it takes, as long as it's going to happen.
Hi, that's correct, all of it including stories and artworks. That includes the Mousse skin too. Bounty Hunters and Bounty Hungers have a separate story, ending illustration, progression and rewards, so at our end they're two completely different events set in the Bounty Hunt game mode.
It bears repeating that none of the content in 100% Orange Juice is permanently missable. Events will either return eventually or we'll make their rewards available through other means. While it can be annoying to temporarily miss out on a reward for an event that ran earlier, we've always strived to make sure that you can't miss anything permanently.
100% Orange Juice - versioned update now live! (1/3/2021)
  • Fixed cards displaying incorrectly with Passionate Research or Arnelle's ability.
  • Fixed Chris' summon fame gain on players & Harbinger.
  • Fixed so the Mercenary card shows correctly in shop when checking in the shop.
  • Added a coop variant of Rival with accurate description.
  • Fixed so Gentleman's Battle only target players outside of Co-op mode.
  • Card variants should now correctly show up in the shop when hovering a button.
  • Fixed so boss panels created by Lure will be changed to encounters when the boss is defeated.
  • Fixed an issue that made Tequila's HP not show up on the Bounty Hunt card variant.
  • The tracking stat for Quest completed should now update correctly.
Feb 27 @ 8:09am
In topic Real world connections
Nice connections! Also Australia/New Zealand (the southern islands).
Feb 26 @ 10:05am
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Feb 25 @ 3:25pm
In topic Bug / troubleshooting thread v2
Originally posted by CarThief:
In version 3.4, a slime-bombed home didn't function normally, not doing a norma check nor letting me select a new quest. I was not holding any norma-negating cards (just two trollite horn Cave quests), i used a slime bomb and hit a home with it, and later stepped on the slimed home. The home did let me stop on it but that was it.

Dunno if the just-released patch fixes it but it seemed worth mentioning.
This is working as intended, any of the bombs that modify the panels also stop home panels from working as a home panel while active.
100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix now live! (25/2/2021)
  • Fixed an issue that made Beginner Town (Winter) music to be not moddable.
  • Fixed not being able to challenge NoName right after turning him into NoName (Head) through some damage dealing cards.
  • Fixed bounties counting for Unruly Friend's achievement.
  • Fixed Globbu's defense reduction not affecting Kae's passive.
  • Fixed an issue with passionate research card visibility.
  • Fixed an issue that made the Tavern only spawn in a single copy for the entire game.
  • Fixed a crash happening if any of Chris' summon would KO the Harbinger.
  • Fixed Beak of the Godbird and Beak of the Demi-Bird not ordering player challenges properly.
Originally posted by Genolla:
Not every time, but often when I am finished playing an online game and I go to the shop since today's update, the game crashes and shows some kind of error (which I will need to take a screencap of next time).
This was likely fixed with the earlier update.
100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix now live! (24/2/2021)
  • Fixed a desync that might happen if a consumable item was used at the same time as another action happened in an online game.
  • CPU players are now trained to understand the value and risks of Bounties when prompted to select one.
100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix now live! (24/2/2021)
  • Fixed invisible homestop icon
  • Fixed so Banned For Life, Aru Scramble's Hyper, Aru's Hyper, Unlucky Charm, and Flamethrower cannot affect summons and the Harbinger.
  • Fixed the music volume parameter for mods.
  • Fixed font files using more memory than intended (should fix crashes some users not using English language were experiencing).
  • Game now creates a packet_game_log.txt in online matches for potential diagnostic purposes.
Feb 24 @ 5:21am
In topic Unversioned Hotfix Notes
Correct. Mousse is voiced by Aiya Saki (Yuki's seiyuu).
100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix now live! (23/2/2021)
  • Corrected version number on title bar to 3.4.
  • Fixed so the Cuties are back from their break in the free character rotation.
100% Orange Juice - version 3.4 now live! (23/2/2021)
Bounty Hunt
Bounty Hunt is a permanent new "race" type of game mode where 4 players compete to reach 20 Fame first by doing delivery Quests and fighting various monsters for Bounties.

The updated version comes with 12 different Bounty monsters, 12 Quest locations, and 4 Shop types! For every match, 2 random easy, medium and hard Bounties, and 6 Quest locations are chosen randomly, so every game will play out differently!

As a new feature, cards can now be sold to the Shops for stars! Each Shop can give different prices for different cards.

Each Shop type can further be upgraded by selling cards and buying items from them, up to level 10. Higher level shops give discounts, increased item stacks, and more rare items! Many new items have been added to spice up the game mode.

New summons are also available: Aurora, who will heal and revive the player, and Guardian, who will independently hunt for Bounty monsters you have a contract for and give you Fame on wins.

Lastly, a mysterious invader called the Harbinger may appear after Chapter 15, and start hunting the players...

Certain cards and units behave differently in the Bounty Hunt mode.

Note that Bounty Hunt is a somewhat longer than the other game modes, and in return EXP, Stars and Orange rewards give a +50% bonus in this mode.

  • Added Bounty Hunt game mode.
  • Added Bounty Hungers event.
  • Added new field, Beginner Town (Winter)
  • The modding system has been updated and expanded:
  • Can now mod Panel graphics
  • Can now mod Homestop graphics
  • Custom translations can now be distributed via mod system
  • A better error check has been added. JSON errors will show up in the mod list, pointing out the issue (if any).
  • You can now modify the volume of custom music with a dedicated parameter.
  • New HUD added for minions.
  • 6 new achievements related to Bounty Hunt have been added to the game.
  • Reduced the overall VRAM usage.
  • Improved the networking code by adding additional catch-ups in case the host would disconnect.
  • Added a card binder tab for Bounty Hunt.
  • Added an HUD element displaying the HP status of summons. (will not display for 800x600).
  • Added a separate win tracker for online Bounty Hunt wins.

  • The game will no longer act as Idle CPU if someone engage a battle with you on the first chapter before your turn.
  • The damaged pose of Castle (chocolate color) no longer has a grey cannon.
  • Fixed Peat's Santa Scramble outfit + Christmas color not saving/restore cosmetics properly
  • Fixed the same with Fernet + swimsuit + Halloween color.
  • Fixed a graphic issue when using Mio with Christmas color + Rein costume.
  • Fixed Seagull's glasses not being on the right layer when using the kigurumi costumes.
  • Fixed the Wanderers Episode 1, Episode 3, and Episode 4 having a wrong background when seen in the gallery.
  • Fixed the Waruda Christmas Party ending cutscene showing a wrong background transition.
  • Fixed an issue with Cuties zombie skin + glasses combo.
Feb 23 @ 11:50am
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