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ca sent le musk
Amanakoyum blyat durum kebab Aug 20, 2022 @ 7:09am 
After a long day of extremely tiresome work I got to home to play my favorite shooter, after warming up in DM, Casual + Surf I hopped on FACEIT and queue'd Mirage and Dust II, and out of every single person I could've gotten on my team I had to get this guy, after a quick google search it turned out this guy is a "Professional Valorant player" - I couldn't belive my luck! I heard of Valorant and that it was essentially a copy paste of CS:GO so according to my theory it should be a fast and quick W - Instead he kept talking about how he forgot he couldn't use " chember teleport" or "cyber trips" and called the game trash while screaming at me for "heal", in the end he went 7 - 27 in 30 rounds and caused me to drop from lvl 5 to 4 - SHAME ON YOU "VALORANT PRO"
no chace Jun 6, 2022 @ 4:14pm 
Le Sucre
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Le best :steamthumbsup:
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Quel talent de dessinateur avec des smiley :o