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Nathan   Santa Rosa, California, United States
I'm a simple lad. I work for a Police Department, spent a few years in the US Army am married with two pups.

Additionally I am a Grand Master of a Knight Themed gaming community which can be found here: https://discord.gg/eQ6Fq

I play a vast variety of games:
Rainbow Six Siege
For Honor
A wide array of Total War games
Sea of Thieves
Company of Heroes (1&2)

If you feel like playing sometime, hit me up.
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MistWolf19 Feb 12 @ 8:17pm 
Consider yourself lucky, kid. You got me to take out my sword. I was hoping it didn't have to come to this. Even I thought I wouldn't have to do this. Witness me as pull out my sword, a beautiful piece of glorious Nippon steel, folded over ten thousand times, crafted by the greatest swordmakers the land of Nippon has to offer. I have trained with this blade in several schools, but my power exceeded the strength of even their greatest masters. My techniques have been perfected through infinite training, my instincts honed by years of meditation in the far off land of Akihabara. Your depravity has doomed you to a death devoid of honor, be grateful that I at least grant you death by the blade using only 5% of my true power. teleports behind you Nothin' personnel kid.
「Toad」 Feb 12 @ 7:13pm 
i got a little trick y'see. it involves me fly fisting your stomac-
w8 a minute that dude is dead lol he wasnt beefy enough but he was dieaholic hey did i mention german science is the world's fines- DOITSU NO KAGAKU WA SEKAI ICHI
w8 a sec he died during the battle of stalingrad although he was best nazi bro also did i mention pol pol got saved by man that burns and a mutt that turns♥♥♥♥♥♥into sand? ya i miss em two. remember just dont end up being a donut but itll be inevitable when he does the TOKI WO TOMARE u know u dont want to end up like our best mom hunter he was a good one
[TCPJ] Dec 27, 2013 @ 12:37am 
╰༼ ・ ͜ ʖ ・ ༽╯ Jun 27, 2011 @ 8:42pm 
7th Psy OP Group FTW