Hey, I'm just some idiot trying and failing to be useful. Please join my zombie server
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Hey there, it's Naleksuh. I run the world's worst zombie server, enslave a bunch of monkeys to make them like me, I also work on tweakings to TF2 stuff in both vanilla and modded games, AND on top of that I also run a terrible repetitive Youtube channel. But I still have lots of time to play games and make friends :steamhappy:

Feel free to add me. Unlike most people on steam I will accept basically anyone who adds me. You can add me for anything you want, whether technical help with something in tf2, an question about something like my youtube channel, or just if you saw me in a game and want to play with me :).

Although, just a quick note to anyone adding me looking to scam me--
Scammers encountered: 35
Times scammed: 0
I did not steal that from philip
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Zombie Survival, custom weapons, and a friendly community
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In this guide, we will describe the Custom Weapons that you can equip on Naleksuh's Zombie Server. You can play on the server here : , and equip the custom weapons by going to a respawn room and typing /c in chat. Read below for what the

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Young boy, like a cruel angel,
Live up to be a legend...

Even though clear blue winds
Beat on the door of my heart,
You just smile, looking straight at me
Too involved in yearning for
Something to hold on
The innocent eyes still know nothing of fate yet.

But someday you will notice
On those shoulders of your
There are strong wings
To guide you to the far future.

A cruel angel's thesis
Will someday fly high from the window
If memories are betrayed by
The overflowing, burning pathos (emotions).
Holding the sky in your arms,
Young boy, shine like a legend.
End of the TV anime opening
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not funny
didn't laugh
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Greetings, what's up:) Got Jesus?
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hey i added your for something