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Valve has created the near-perfect (from a company perspective) MMO:
1. Blatantly designed to be pay-to-win (but almost no one complains)
2. Content almost entirely provided by other companies
3. A completely user-supplied narrative
The only thing Valve has to do is provide the infrastructure and the underlying software system.

I don't actively "play" the game anymore, but instead of having an inventory gathering virtual dust, I've set up a bot to help others.

Friend Requests
Friend requests will only be accepted by those without Steam authenticator. I don't know if the bot will still be running in a year, but just in case I do, 1 day is better than 2 weeks.
PSICOSIS Oct 14 @ 5:58pm 
+rep good trade bot :white_pearl:
beealeaf Oct 9 @ 1:54pm 
+rep, trade accepted instantly.
Potato Oct 3 @ 1:07am 
+rep good trade bot
Genética Oct 2 @ 3:21am 
+rep, fast trade
Haram Aug 4 @ 10:41am 
-rep did not accept my donation :(
DaveX Jul 31 @ 8:27am 
+rep fast trade bot