My names Monolith!
Hope your having a wonderful day! :cozybethesda:

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Some Info about lil me!
Hiya!!! I'm Monolith... or Mono-Pop! :Big_Heart:
Oh and one rule.
due to recent events, People have been annoying me... I am not interested in dating or being sexual with you, This is a gaming platform, Not god damn romance nd feck site. :CorpsWarning:

Here's a lil list about me!!!

1. I have a pet rock nd pet cactus, jermany :gin_cactus: & Havel Jnr! :jesus_rock:
2. Crazy about crystals !! :EtherCrystal::_crystal_::BB_Gem:
3. Trying to improve my art skills nd make something beautiful!! :Shouted:
4. My fav lil fluffs are "Sloths, Raccoons, Moths, Meerkats, Pigs, Crabs! :heart:
5. Soon as i wake up I listen to music, Music is always on 24/7! :HappyChompy:
6. I hate marzipan & avacados nd spiders!!!.... :fengxi:

- So.. thats a common Know-How of ze Mono-pops! -
- More of a ramble down here if anybody cares to read - :esc_skull:
-ramble 1 -
I tend to mess about alot, In-games I will run about doing whatever is fun to me, I dont care if its in comp... I do what pleases me! So if i find it fun to blast a team-mate with a shotgun or explode people, i do it! :flowey: :floweyevil:
-ramble 2 -
-ramble 3 -
Have you ever started to sketch something and thought : What's gone wrong? : And now you have... Weird tentacle boner-Monster creature thing...!!!
-ramble 4 -
The one thing that drives me crazy in cooking is... Is the cleaning, Its so fun prepping, dicing everything up, slapping it into bowls or trays... Getting it prepped for other days or today, but once your done.. you look at all the Un-eatable parts nd crappy stuff... then picking it up and cleaning it all, And god forbid you forget the fact you worked with chilli's and next minute on the floor screaming as your eyes feel like somebody spat lava into them... "GWAD DAMNIT"
-Ramble 5 -
You know what grinds my peeve? is when a game crashes... For Example... S.T.A.L.K.E.R mods... Your having a smashing time and you headshot a guy in a bush, but cause he did something or the bush dislike it... the X-RAY ENGIEEE NOO LONGER WOOOOORKS, so your having to re-open the game in a frecking rage... maybe re-doing old stuff or force to re-do the same crash..:szone:
-ramble 6 -
A nice recipe from the Mono-Pop, Its basic but nice...
GET 6X tomatos... 1x pepper 1x courgette
Slice your tomatos in half, slice your peppers into strips, make nice slices of the courgette, put them in a baking tray together... And roast for 18 - 20 minutes Wazam, Your eating like your Mono-Pop, Its basic but very tasty.... to me. :cgrazz:
-ramble 7 -
i do love rambling, Its all i do... Most my friends ignore me or try to escape cause of it, some embrace it... cause well, I TALK CRAP.. its all i ever do, I waste time by saying the most silly things AND by silly things, I thought... LETS create a RAMBLE on my profile page, so people can see what i kinda... Mostly.. maybe am like! :bbtraccoon:
-ramble 8 -
Iv always wanted a suit of knights armor.. and french bread.. named.. bwaagweet.... "I shall never say your cursed words properly french scum!" So i can run around the streets, clanking in my heavy armor, Smacking people with a sword like piece of bread, whilst screaming madly at the top of my lungs.
-ramble 9 -
Raw like the beef, Soothing as the milk... :papyruswacky:
-ramble 10-
Who gives a crap about + / - rep? I'll just delete the - rep so i'm a super nice person then. :bradtackle:
-ramble 11-
:fbimania_b::TR_E::TR_E::P: :beeped:
-ramble 12-
Become human, Roast strawberry.
-ramble 13-
You know how people hate certain words like "Moist"? word I hate is Manifesto.... it scares me.
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God damnit Devito, you started a chain of bites.
BulleT Feb 6 @ 10:53am 
Hope your having a wonderful day!
BulleT Jan 28 @ 10:13am 
Hope your having a wonderful day!
Monolith Jan 25 @ 12:37pm 
tis alrighty dingleburb. :zonemask:
✡ Nayr The Jew ✡ Jan 25 @ 12:35pm 
okkkk i get sorrowwwwww
Monolith Jan 25 @ 12:35pm 
Oh okie. Ima decline thou cause I'm fussy with friends nd adding. thanks thou. :AmokSoldier:
✡ Nayr The Jew ✡ Jan 25 @ 12:33pm 
added because the based S.T.A.L.K.E.R artwork