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skA 3 hours ago 
jig Mar 26 @ 10:55am 
Haha whats up douche bag, it's Jack from High school. Remember me? Me and the guys used to give you a hard time in school. Sorry you were just an easy target lol. I can see not much has changed. Remember Sarah the girl you had a crush on? Yeah we're married now. I make over 500k a year and drive a Corvette. I guess some things never change huh loser? Nice catching up lol. Pathetic...
Kedar Jul 18, 2023 @ 10:08am 
i miss you
girthy rabbi Dec 17, 2021 @ 12:49am 
This is an extremely toxic individual. He has tried countless times to get me to watch taliban recruiment videos with him, and no matter how many times I say no he keeps pressing it. He doesn't believe women have the right to learn in afghanistan, and sympathizes with china. Never have met a more anti-semitic person in my life. disgusting
Skys Aug 27, 2019 @ 9:17pm 
when are you gonna stop being a cuck and ♥♥♥♥ me
ZY2K Aug 27, 2019 @ 2:00am