|Ǥ[Ω]ℤ| DeadDevil
Mihir Shah   Goregaon, Maharashtra, India
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1st kill and 1st death are always mine.
Top kills very hard to achieve without fragging
But i choose Top deaths every time because my IGN is DeadDevil :cleandino:
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10 kills infy aly rush Assault :D
Y0ungftw^ Sep 6 @ 7:10am 
Richie Rich Aug 2 @ 3:04am 
Great Player , Excellent Game Sense , Pro Rusher , Godlike Humor , Great Teammate
✪ xane. Jul 25 @ 3:31am 
+rep tmkc × 100
Chutiya jaise song bajata khudko dj bolta,
Bas awp aacha karta aur kuch aata nai,
Sath me rush karta aur bht aacha dost hai :)
MuKunDwOw~~~ Jul 22 @ 10:47am 
+rep good friend
THE.CaGE^ Jul 21 @ 12:14am 
+Rep Pro Awp skills. :csgo_explosion:-Signed by CaGE:csgo_explosion:
Rising up again <3 Jul 19 @ 11:02am 
Pro rusher and good dj <3