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haha yes
Good times
Triangleleaf: you couldnt harm a fly
Triangleleaf: you could sure zip some down
Triangleleaf: you slut ;)
Max: you calling me slutty
Max: D:<

KeimonO: owo i will plant a cauliflower
KeimonO: and call it moxiflower

Lastandir : gandhi was my favourite character in tekken 3

• ₩emex°: Yeah only maybe
Max: • Maybe°
• ₩emex° is now Online.
• ₩emex° has changed their name to • Maybe°.
Max: i love you
Max: xD
• Maybe°: xD

Kaerra: every name I'm thinking of includes penis in some form

Vidary: U just wanted to peek naked dudes in the shower :> Nerds don't do sports for fun

• ₩eemiBot° is now Online.
• ₩eemiBot°: >.> what
Max: Ok • ₩eemiBot° Play My Cheating Playlist

• ₩eemiBot°: mux u my nigga

Max: but my huntsman is sexier >:3
• ₩emex°: yus cus it's from me <.<

Triangleleaf: you have a beautiful ass

• ₩emex°: and I was playing pokemon
Max: You mean pokemen?
Max: >.>
• ₩emex°: yes
• ₩emex°: gay men
Max: :D
Max: i love that game!
• ₩emex°: xD'
Max: nothing better than poking every gay man you see!
Max: xD
• ₩emex°: it's called poke gay men

Vidary: Ah, I got inspired when some scammer tried to add me. It had a profile pic from some beautyshop site that was way too easy to google search. So I showed Wemex how easy it is to just take some random pic and make it so people cant find by searching
Vidary: So yeah, I made one for both of us xD
Vidary: Do you want one? xD
Mäx: pfffh, fine xD
(Proceeds to send me a picture of zoomed in boobs)
Mäx: you motherfucker
Mäx: xD

Kaerra: I forgot pussy
Kaerra: I mean octopus

• ₩emex°: <. < go to yoyr room
• ₩emex°: Your
• ₩emex°: Fuck
• ₩emex°: Room now
• ₩emex°: xD
• ₩emex°: Not fuck room
Mäx: >. >
Mäx: my fuck room?

Mäx: Stop watching p0rn >.>
• ₩emex°: N3v3r
Mäx: D:< g4y
Mäx: 0nly 1f 1t’5 g4y p0rn
• ₩emex°: N000 1 w4nn4 w47ch 17. Y0u c4n'7 s70p m3.

sofiu: britaccents makes me cum

Vidary: I feel like most new players pick sniper 'cause it's familiar to other games. Then they figure out that the French guy can go invisible, which is super cool. After realising that the french guy is a bad class they play pyro 'cause they can then at least kill something.

• ₩emex°: AIDS
Mäx: >. >
• ₩emex°: well you know
• ₩emex°: in your ass <.< ofc

• ₩emex°: here lies gay boii moxi
• ₩emex°: xD
Mäx: >. >
• ₩emex°: and your skeleton was infront of it
Mäx: heeeeey the campfire went out literally the fucking moment i got theeeere
Mäx: xD
Mäx: and i have sexy skeleton
• ₩emex°: vidary broke it
Mäx: yes good
Mäx: i don't need bones anyway
• ₩emex°: she didn't think it was sexy at all
Mäx: even better >. >
Mäx: it means triangle and keim won't get near it
• ₩emex°: also I read wrong
• ₩emex°:that you need your bones
Mäx: pfffh
Mäx: i am just blob of jelly now
• ₩emex°: I did read ''I don't need boners anyway''
Mäx: >.>
• ₩emex°: xD
Mäx: wuuut
Mäx: xD
• ₩emex°: I was fucking dying
• ₩emex°: xD of laughter
Mäx: fuck saaake
Mäx: lmao
• ₩emex°: Mäx:yes good i don't need bones anyway
• ₩emex°: I read ''boners''
• ₩emex°: xD
Mäx: xD yes i don't need boners either
• ₩emex°: yuss
• ₩emex°: lol
• ₩emex°: I didn't know you find skeletons that sexy
• ₩emex°: <.<
Mäx: >.> neither did i
• ₩emex°: lol

Kaerra: RED salah kerra do you get laid alot like i suspect?

Pug: Stop it my pussy can only get so wet

SaphriX : =)
SaphriX : ez
*DEAD* Cookie_ : :)
• Wilius° : ':)
Skömppö : :)
Akoipileppup : :D

[Festive] Lastandir : bye bye hacker
[Festive] Lastandir : ^ᴥ^

Triangleleaf: scissors
Triangleleaf: i do lesbian things
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Triangleleaf Nov 2 @ 7:11pm 
-rep even gayer than initially judged to be
Akio Nov 2 @ 1:42am 
Don’t kink shame me ;-;
Triangleleaf Nov 1 @ 7:09pm 
MäxToday at 02:09
Oh look, kitty has removed himself from the bed, I will now dream of hot single trollies in my area
Triangleleaf Nov 1 @ 6:35pm 
MäxToday at 01:35
Trolleys are my kink
RealmLord Oct 27 @ 12:28pm 
You smell
Akio Oct 27 @ 11:35am