Damien C. / Proud Franco-Swiss / 2001   Vaud, Switzerland
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Above 5K Heavy Main
Tech Specialist. I know lodsa techniques that none of ya would have even thought about, buncha foo !
Can play a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ of classes w/o suckin' (Except Engie, I ain't an Engie guy lol)

Rank 7th + Top Score Lead (Gette it One, S1 EU, as Heavy and Scout)
Rank 5th (Top 8) Finalist + 2nd Place Fisticuffs (NHBL, S8 NA)
Dueling Badge maxed out to Platinum in the span of around 1½ year (Level 78, got it legit)

My quotes :

Serious(-ish) ones :

"My own nemesis is my luck cause no one can predict it." February 2017
"Your medals ain't worth a dayum if you can't outplay me in a fair match !" August 2017
"The greatest winners ain't winners themselves, but those who are still trying their best after so many losses !." January 2018

Not-so-serious ones :

"I'm like a living algorithm, I predict your moves, and then I adapt. Basically, I'm downloading ya !." April 2017
"Who steals a beef is hella beefy !" July 2017
"The dress doesn't make the monk, especially when he wears a cap backwards !" December 2017
"Sometimes, my stupidity even amazes me, foo !" July 2018
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'Bout myself !
Yo !
I created my main Steam account during the month of January 2014 !

I work on lodsa projects, and I aspire to be a recognized game-designer and artist of sorts.
Aside from these super high goals, I'm actually a pretty open-minded guy who ain't gonna hide his feelings behind a buncha walls of lies, so yeah, always love to talk 'bout lodsa stuff, foo !

I love arts overall, and while I might not be as super knowledgable on stuff like movies, mangas, comics, music and all the like, I genuinely enjoy expanding my expertise of those things by discovering more and more, so yup.

I may gain clout (And I already have some history of doin' so, bein' real there), but solely for the purpose of covering truth over liability. Can't handle bein' with people that are lying to themselves man.

Also on :

Twitter (@MastahDizzy)
DeviantArt (MastahDizzy) [mastahdizzy.deviantart.com]
GameBanana (M. Dizzy) [gamebanana.com]
PlanetMinecraft (MastahDizzy) [www.planetminecraft.com]

Mains :

Team Fortress 2 : Heavy Weapons Guy
Mario Kart 64 : Wario / Bowser
Mario Kart DS : Waluigi
Mario Kart Wii : Toad
Mario Kart 8 DX : Literally everyone can be my main.
SSB64 : DK
SSBU : King Dedede

Languages :

French :
Native. Bah ouaip hein, je sais parler français, j'adore le français et je trouve que c'est une langue très stylée donc bah, euh... Ouaip, je suis francophone, et fier de l'être ! Bon je vais me chauffer un Mac n' Cheese moi.

English :
Pretty dayum good all things considered. Pronunciations ain't my forte however. At least, people hafta be thinkin' I come from a place like nothern England or straight up Scotland, when it's not somethin' that is vaguely european. Cause aye obviousleh drink scotch, y'know, aye !

Nametag History (So that I don't forget 'bout that mess) :

- DC (2008)
- DCone (2009 - 2010)
- DCone74 (2011 - 2013)
- DCGameTek (2014)
- DCGameAssaulTek (2014... What kinda nametag is this anyway, huh ?!)
- xFreshDizzy (2014 - 2015... Still a bad nametag lol)
- xMasterDizzy (2016 - 2018... Started to get my general identity goin', but dat name still sucked)
- M. Dizzy (2018 - 2020)
- MastahDizzy (2020 - ???)
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