Grosse Mite
Damien C. / Proud Franco-Swiss / 2001   Vaud, Switzerland
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You can add me, but as long as you're not a spambot and that I know who you damn are.

Also, please do not invite me to any kind of random group.
It's annoying and no one gives a damn about your low-tier gambling website.

List of Quotes :

Serious(-ish) ones :

"My own nemesis is my luck because no one can properly predict it." M. Dizzy - February 2017

"Your medals are worthless if you cannot manage to outplay me in a fair and square fight !" M. Dizzy - August 2017

"Beat me just thanks to your teammates, good for you. Beat me all by yourself, shame on me. But tell me that I'm worse than you will only bring you down to my own level." M. Dizzy - November 2017

"The greatest winners aren't winners themselves, but those who are still willing to do their best after so many defeats." M. Dizzy - January 2018

"The world isn't binary, it's a hexadecimal complex." M. Dizzy - November 2018

Not-so-serious ones :

"I'm like a living algorithm, I predict your moves, and then adapt according to them. Basically, I'm downloading your strats." M. Dizzy - April 2017

"Who steals a beef is pretty beefy !" M. Dizzy - July 2017

"Being a mercenary magnet only shows no one in this lobby can individually beat me without a stroke of luck !" M. Dizzy - October 2017

"The dress doesn't make the monk, especially when he wears a cap backwards." M. Dizzy - December 2017

"With the Natascha, I don't have to try to keep up with my opponents but instead make sure they're on the same field as yours. This is exhilarating !" M. Dizzy - May 2018

"Sometimes, my stupidity even amazes me !" M. Dizzy - July 2018
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'Boutta myself !
Yo !
I created my main Steam account during the month of January 2014 !

I work on many projects, and I aspire to be a recognized game-designer and artist of many sorts.
Aside from these pretty high goals, I'm actually a pretty chill and open-minded guy who talks about all-kind of topics, and always enjoy a good chit-chat

Quite frankly though, I also tend to be on the saltier side of things when I'm facing bad game design or unfair gameplay, which is also one of my reasons, alongside many others of why I want to work on the gaming industry : To make people satisfied by working on projects that feel "unique", but yet so damn well designed !

I love arts in general, and while I might not have as much knowledge on topics like movies, mangas, comics, music and all the like, I genuinely enjoy expanding my expertise of those things by discovering more and more, although it also applies on stuff that isn't art-related. ;]

Also on :

Twitter (@MastahDizzy)
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Mains :

Team Fortress 2 : Heavy Weapons Guy / (Sub) Demoman
Mario Kart 64 : Wario / Bowser
Mario Kart DS : Waluigi
Mario Kart Wii : Toad
Mario Kart 8 DX : Literally everybody can be my main.
SSB64 : DK
SSBU : King Dedede / (Sub) Bowser

Nationalities :

Franco-Swiss (Born in Switzerland, raised in France). Of French, Italian and Swiss descent.

Languages :

- French (Native).
- English (Great, but I have a pretty strong accent).

Nametag History (So that I don't forget 'bout that mess) :

- DC (2008)
- DCone (2009 - 2010)
- DCone74 (2011 - 2013)
- DCGameTek (Early 2014)
- DCGameAssaulTek (Mid 2014... Is this even a real nametag ?!)
- xFreshDizzy (Summer 2014 - 2015... and it's even worse)
- xMasterDizzy (2016 - 2018)
- M. Dizzy (May 2018 - Present Day)

Oh, and the "M." on my current nametag is supposed to mean "Master", not "Mister", but y'know what ?

I'm fine with whatever you might depict the "M." as, since it's a reference to the character of M. Bison from Street Fighter.
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