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My Sis

One of the most beautiful things i've ever heard.

The mountain was barren, the rocks were frozen together. Tiny little snowflakes drifted off of the high spires of stone that rose up on either side of the lone wolf. No shelter was in sight, no pack to keep him warm at night. He could no longer smell the trace of his family, or hear their cries of boundless love and worship towards the heavens.
The wind whispered through his pelt and into his ears. He took a deep breath, and lifted his head, one long, sorrowful note piercing the sky, and like an angry fist smashing through glass, the full moon shattered against the stars. Shards of it's rays echoed in large waves of green and blue. The mountain resonated with his voice. Though no howl was returned, he wasn't alone, for the spirit of his pack would forever be one with his.
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Now that that's outta the way.

Welcome to my profile!

Im a Degree Gaming Admin, and im also a Furry. Yep thats pretty much it.

Degree-Gaming [degree-gaming.com]


I would put a list of my favorite friends here. But everyone does that. So I wont.
But, i will put these people here.

My Twin Brother.

My Sister.

They're better than all of you. No offense.

I'll add more info here when i feel like it.

Also if you want my true amount of hours in TF2, add 1,342 to my current amount and thats how many i got.


Dream Sets

Unusual Bone Dome (Sunbeams) - Muskelmannbraun
Strange Pyro the Flamedeer - Muskelmannbraun
Strange Dead of Night - Muskelmannbraun
Strange North Polar Fleece - Muskelmannbraun
Aussies - Sheen: Maderin

Unusual Nunhood (Disco Beat Down)
Strange/Collectors Ruffled Ruprecht
Strange Das Fantzipantzen
Aussies - Sheen: Team Shine

Unusual Antarctic Eyewear (Sunbeams/Burning)
Strange Sub Zero Suit
Strange Antarctic Researcher

Pro KS Shotgun Kit
Sheen: Hot Rod
Killstreaker: Fire Horns

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Vertigo Aug 10 @ 8:56pm 
what's your favourite flavour
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Added to talk about our pan match, we need a reschedule for Friday but your captain is not answering me.
oppressed shibe Aug 5 @ 2:05pm 
my ♥♥♥♥♥ neo need the trade GIVE THAT MAN THE TRADE
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added for trade
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:steamfacepalm: opressing gamers, smh