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Personal Achievements

The Sort Who Makes an Entrance

Complete the introduction and finish the Sorting Ceremony
Unlocked May 30 @ 12:02pm

First Class Student

Attend your first class
Unlocked Jun 2 @ 8:37am

Troll with the Punches

Survive the troll attack on Hogsmeade
Unlocked Jun 2 @ 1:13pm

A Keen Sense of Spell

Invoke Ancient Magic for the first time
Unlocked Jun 3 @ 12:56pm

The Good Samaritan

Complete all side quests

Challenge Accepted

Complete all tiers of a challenge

Collector's Edition

Complete all collections

Loom for Improvement

Upgrade a piece of gear

The Root of the Problem

Stun 10 different enemies using a Mandrake

The Nature of the Beast

Breed every type of beast

Going Through the Potions

Brew every type of potion

Put Down Roots

Grow every type of plant

Third Time's a Charm

Upgrade a piece of gear 3 times

A Talent for Spending

Spend 5 Talent Points

Savvy Spender

Spend all Talent Points

Room with a View

Reach the highest point in the castle, the Headmaster's upper study

Spilled Milk

Use Flipendo ten times – to tip one cow or several

Floo Around the World

Unlock all Floo Flames

Followed the Butterflies

Follow butterflies to a treasure

Rise to the Challenges

Defeat enemies in all battle arenas

Merlin's Beard!

Complete all Merlin Trials

The Intrepid Explorer

Discover all cairn dungeons

Demiguise Dread

Find all Demiguise statues

The Ends Petrify the Means

Defeat a total of fifty enemies using Petrificus Totalus

Raising Expectations

Reach a combo of 100

Finishing Touches

Use Ancient Magic on every enemy in the game

The Spell Master

Learn all spells

A Forte for Achievement

Reach Level 40

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