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Personal Achievements

The Most Vile

Kill Commander Vile

Unique Complete

Loot a unique item

The Most Bling

Each equipped armor has a socketed crystal

Princess of Lurking

Create a character with bun hair

Cables are Forever

Create a character with one eye

Multiple Dimensions!

Reset the dungeon using a World Book


Equip a cosmetic hat

Hoarders Unanimous Solutions

Sell 100 items for money

Handle It

Equip the whelp pet

It had to be Slimes

Kill 200 small slimes of any color

Bottom Dweller

Reach the bottom of the dungeon

Berries for Life

Plant 20 berry bushes

Which Portal is this?

Enter a portal in the dungeon

You're Digging this!

Craft every type of pickaxe


Activate 10 shrines

Well Read

Use 10 enchantment books


Cook 50 food recipes

Bring the Blood Rain

Defeat It

Mooo for me

Create the barn


Create a shared town