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...dreams are ment to be chased~   Germany
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\ My name is LilaMuffyn Sparkly (Brony/Furry)
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You may found me already ingame and i may have given you some muffyns... if not well just ask me :D and if you just stumbled here you welcome too~

I like to meet new friends and i care about my friends i already have there all awesome and i love em all :3~

Feel free to add me~ But please be kindly thats all :3~

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Where ever theres a sparkle... it could be me~
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~Im open for new friendships but keep in mind that i will check over your Profile and make sure your not a hacker or something~

All others: This Hug is for you! c:

~Relationship Status?

Im Married to a wonderful Wolf that i love deeply and trust with my life, years showed more and more that we belong together even if we have our differences sometime. So please keep this in mind.

~What the heck are you exactly?

Im a shapeshifter/changeling if you need a race, and of course this wasnt easy to pin point from the beginning, even if im fully aware of the fact im human im still ensured its not the only thing


Here you go:

~Music favourites


~The Wombats ||| Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) [GRUM Remix]

~ Poets of the Fall

~Temple of Thoughs

~Running out of Time


.:Mane OC right here!:.

Nickame : LilaMuffyn "Caketoothie" "Honeyhooves" Sparkly Aethireal
Real Name: Corax (spoken: "Zorax") DeLight
Gender : Male (Femstallion looks like a mare)
Homecity: Far Hope
Race : Earth Changeling
Fur-color : Yellow
Character/Story : Pretty pretty random from playful to very serious~
Can be act suprising sometimes aswell act weirdly and unexpected

Lila grew up in the wrong Hive with the wrong changelings and she quickly realized its not her destiny to be a "bad" changeling like her fellows she also relates alot to tend to female since of her inner feelings but still sticks to her male side.

Lila or Corax escaped in her early ages out the hive and found herself in a city that was called "Far Hope" be continued /further story exists but isnt writed down

Spaceship: "Frozen Sun" Prototype Stealth Class Spacecraft
Hunted by: <StarDust> <HeartIR>
Member of: <Curse of Exteria> <The Hive>
Status: 130%
-------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------
Nickname : Abraxas Hellfire Aethireal
Real Name: Luari DeLight
Gender : Female/Male
Homecity: Far Hope
Race : Volcanic Changeling
Fur-Color : White
Character/Story :

needs drugs to be "normal" otherwise she gets evil minded,
forces her love feeding.

Normaly pretty shy but always up for her friends, is also in the same body as Lila is
they often fall in hard fights but in the end Abraxas is always there for Lila protecting him/her at all cost.

Can be instable sometimes through her infection caused that also is the reason Abraxas is caged with Lila in the same body, The origin of how this all happend is unknown to both

Hunted by: <StarDust> <HeartIR>
Member of: Unknown
Status: 170%


My most favourite Game is still ss13 (space station 13) it looks super crap has the most crappy engine and launcher its free tho? so why do i adore this ancient piece. If you play it you understand i never stumbled upon a game that has so much to offer content wise\rp wise\mechanic wise, of course i not only play ancient relic games Warframe is an all time favourite, GMod sometimes and else what the wind carries into my home


Im more open with my personality i know alot expect that im a female guess its cause my name is Lila mostly, im used to this fact to even bound a comfort in that, but yes im classified as a male being even if i have some femine sides on me.

~Usefull links

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Youtube Channel Old
Youtube Channel New
Tumblr Account []

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A casual day in gmod
LilaMuffyn Sparkly Mar 16 @ 8:13am 
no one told me otherwise OWO
Maledict Mar 16 @ 8:02am 
im not a ♥♥♥♥, i swear. Dont believe Grayhoof D:
Nighty Feb 7 @ 3:27am 
Cutepony! :csdsmile:
Beato-Snep. Oct 4, 2018 @ 6:50am 
I hope you dont mind the add, i kinda need nice new people to talk to, also i wrote here because it feels more polite to do so before adding.
🖤ShadowWolf🖤 Aug 23, 2018 @ 5:13am 
your welcome
LilaMuffyn Sparkly Aug 23, 2018 @ 4:37am 
uuuh thanks :3