LevelUpRobot [15:1]
Simple and cheap Steam boost!
Простое и выгодное повышение уровня Стим!
In non-Steam game
15 Card Sets for 1 CSGO Key [1.500XP]
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How it works:
1. Add the robot                                           I  2.Write !check to check how many sets you can buy
3.Write !buy <keys> to send an offer          I  4. Accept the offer and start crafting

Как это работает:
1. Добавь в друзья                                    I  2.Пиши !check и узнаешь сколько сетов можно купить
3.Пиши !buy <keys> для покупки сетов   I  4. Прими предложение обмена
This is an Automatic LevelUpRobot 24/7, which help you to exchange your CS:GO keys for complete trading card sets, ready to be crafted to boost your account level.


!ru - переключить язык бота на русский
!en - changes the bot language to English (default)

!owner - shows my owner profile, if you have any problems you may contact me
!stats - shows the current amount of the bot currencies
!prices - shows the current prices of the bot
!sets - shows the total sets I have at this moment

!level [your dream level] - calculates how many sets and how many keys it will cost to reach your desired level (for example !level 100)
!check - shows how many sets the bot has available for you to craft
!check [amount] - shows how many sets and which level you will reach for a specific amount of CS:GO keys (for example !check 5)

!buy [amount of CS:GO keys] - use this to buy sets you have not crafted yet for that amount of CS:GO keys (for example !buy 10)
!buyany [amount of CS:GO keys] - use this to buy that amount of CS:GO keys for any sets, even from badges that has already been crafted (for example !buyany 10)
!buyone [amount of CS:GO keys] - only use this if you are a badge collector. The bot will send one set of each game, by the current bot rate (for example !buyone 10)

!sell [amount of CS:GO keys] - sell your sets for CS:GO key(s) (for example !sell 10)
!sellcheck - shows information about the sets you can sell
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