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Where can i start? i will actually start with 1 sentence of how i got it:
>cheap rpg game on store
>buys game
>SHOCKED by the 1gb+ size

This is literally where i had to really play it. What happens next, i start playing the game, Amazed by how simple it is, yet it was so great to feel the characters, and even feel a part of it, it is like if you're in the game itself, and so many games lack this element.

The game can be played for pg-13, but some scenes are 18+ if the devs would make two separete games instead or have an option to remove the +18 scenes would suit different audience but same goal of playing the game.

The story if full of emotions and plot twists, i won't lie i cried too much, I RARELY get attached to a game emotionally, unless it was really great, and only similar game that got me to be emotional like this or even more called "Eternal senia" (free on steam and i recommend it if you liked this one).

Character: 8.5/10
Story: 9/10
BGM: 9/10
gameplay: 10/10
Language: many times the context doesn't make sense due to bad localization, i can't rate it but i can say it is bad, i skipped most of it, but nevertheless still understood what they were trying to say.

Do not be fooled by the price or anything, the game is 100% worth the play.

Buy the game, for you, for your mother, for your family, hell for whoever you care for, and let them share the experience.

P.S: devs Thank you very much for making such a great game and story!
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Name: call me Leon
Age: 28
Hobby: Playing games, listening to music, chatting
Music: metal, rock, dance, techno, trance, nightcore, love&romance.
Games: FPS, Horror, Adventure, MMORPG, Hack&slash, Action, Exploration

Things you may want to know:
-you can pm me anytime, but be aware that if i had been logged in with mobile sign near my name ( aka signed in from mobile, i may not get notifications on steam and then i won't be able to know and reply to you )

Online: Will reply to you
Busy: not even used or rarely used, but will reply regradless.
away: well...
Looking to play: almost never used it, wanna play together? invite me :D
Looking to trade: Nope never.
Offline: pm me whatever u wanna say and will instantly reply to u as soon as i come online.

:steamsalty:stuff i don't like it when people do it:
-Adding me to ask for free stuff
-Asking others about me or to know something that relates to me or my personal life, while you could just ask me and i will be happy to answer you, as i have nothing to hide.

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Leon ( BIRTHDAY!! ) 8 hours ago 
ty positive people. thats why i live, to see you :D
Crowbaria 8 hours ago 
Ay happy birthday.
1 Year closer to forgetting to remember to forget.
Asмoᴅᴇus ✡ 9 hours ago 
Happy birthday mate.
1 year closer to death :lunar2019piginablanket:
Leon ( BIRTHDAY!! ) 16 hours ago 
this game is always free and always adding free dlc, they even send u email for no reason to add it again xd
Crowbaria 16 hours ago 
Another Free game [dlc for free game] needs you help. here I'll mark it in your comments

Minion Masters - Might of the Slither Lords

[Don't know if you accept DLC for free games or not though.]
Asмoᴅᴇus ✡ Aug 17 @ 5:06am