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About me:
Who Am I?
Hey there, I'm Legos! I'm a highly competitive gamer/ semi-skilled animator/ designer. These days I mostly spend my time playing Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm, but most people on Steam know me for TF2. Feel free to add me, I will accept all friend invites unless you look SUPER shadey.

Competitive TF2:
Season 10: The Voxelbox (Iron) - Spy
Season 11: The Voxelbox (Iron) - Spy
Season 12: The Ringers (Silver) - Spy
Season 13: The Ringers (Silver) - Ambassador Spy
Season 14: Grammer Natzi's (Silver) - Ambassador Spy
Season 15: Grammer Natzi's (Gold) - Ambassador Spy
Season 16: The Ringers 2.0 (Silver) - Ambassador Spy

Blizzard Games:
Feel free to add me on battle.net! Legos#1690

I've been playing a lot of Hearthstone over the past few months. I usually end the season around rank 6-legend. I mostly play freeze mage.

Heroes of the Storm:
Love this game! Currently grandmaster.

Widowmaker/ Ana main, currently grandmaster.

∙ I very rarely play Counter Strike these days. Currently MGE.
∙ I do not currently trade CS:GO items.

Minecraft Projects I've Worked On:
01 [i.imgur.com] 02 [i.imgur.com] 03 [i.imgur.com] 04 [i.imgur.com] 05 [i.imgur.com] 06 [i.imgur.com]
07 [i.imgur.com] 08 [i.imgur.com] 09 [i.imgur.com] 10 [i.imgur.com] 11 [i.imgur.com] 12 [i.imgur.com]
13 [i.imgur.com] 14 [i.imgur.com] 15 [i.imgur.com] 16 [i.imgur.com] 17 [i.imgur.com] 18 [i.imgur.com]
19 [i.imgur.com] 20 [i.imgur.com] 21 [i.imgur.com] 22 [i.imgur.com] 23 [i.imgur.com] 24 [i.imgur.com]
25 [i.imgur.com] 26 [i.imgur.com] 27 [i.imgur.com] 28 [i.imgur.com] 29 [i.imgur.com] 30 [i.imgur.com]

Youtube Personalities I've Worked With:
The Yogscast:
∙ Built for Shadow of Israphel: Episodes 38-42
∙ Built/ Beta Tested Crown Conquest: Episodes 1-2
∙ Built for YogLabs: Episode 1-Present
∙ Built a Giant CGI Robot That They Never Used! :rip:
∙ Other Small Builds

Captain Sparklez:
∙ Worked on Deep Space Turtle Chase
∙ Other Small Builds

The Voxel Box:
∙ The majority of the projects from 2011-2014

A few things to know:
∙ I don't pay buyouts unless it is a hat I'm wanting to keep forever.
∙ However, I also do not do ridiculous lowballs. I will offer what I feel the hat's value is.
∙ I do not give free stuff, sorry.

∙ I don't spycrab much these days.

I am also a moderator of the :B1: group :)

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