Labyrinth RIP YKD
New York, New York, United States
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Discord Antics

Labyrinth: "Scott are you a virgin?"
Scott: "If my uncle puts his dick in my ass does that count?"

Teamspeak Antics

Nykez: "My botnet is linked to my vape."

L3GIT KILLER: "You're not my superior officer."

Steam Antics:
#1 Scum aka Marine: I want 99% of donations.
Ferb: 99 or resign.
Scott Apr 19 @ 10:23pm 
Hello Ma'am or Sir. I have been fired from Mark Clark Industries and have been given source you were an inside man inside the Clark Industries. It has come to my client The Scrub Lord of the Gayrys Mod has filed a copyright claim on the "Pulsar Effect Roleplay Incorporated" on the grounds of using a "PERPX" leak. This action was not authorized by the author Scrub Lord and he is filing a DMCA and a lawsuit for damages to his product. This is your only warning before we see you at court April 20, 2017.
Black Dog Apr 19 @ 3:01am 
Adding you cuz I run one of Dark Fusion Gamings server and Jerry said I should add you
Blue Wolf Apr 17 @ 1:27pm 
We've had a fine history, old pal.
Blue Wolf Apr 15 @ 6:50pm 
It's been a while.
hypno Mar 27 @ 8:05pm 
whats up bro its been a minute
Homeroid Mar 20 @ 5:02pm 
dead meme below me