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LeagueCheats: CSGO Multi-Hacks
Supported operating systems: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32-bit & 64-bit)
No driver installs needed, DEP does NOT need to be disabled, Kernel debugging does not need to be enabled!
High security - runtime encryption, dynamic keys, advanced obfuscation, safe injection!
Feature rich and built for legit play!
MultiHack supports every feature listed!
Non-League versions support: VAC2/VAC3 / MM/FaceIT/ZenGaming/SMAC/PopFlash
League versions support the above listed and additionally : CEVO/ESL(EAC + AAC + myAC Support planned)
Works in Fullscreen and Fullscreen Windowed

Features Start Here:

Bone Aimbot (Humanistic):
This aimbot moves your cursor like a human does, it doesn't use any of the setting angles code competitors use. It aims in a legitimate fashion so that when set-up properly, even a league admin spectating you shouldn't be able to tell if you are using an aimbot.
Bone - Adjust which bone to aim at.
MultiBone - Select as many Bones as you want to aim at. (TotalBones Max Value - NEW)
Smoothaim - Adjust How "smooth" the aimbot is in its human-like drag.
SuperSmooth - Adjust the smoothness of the aimbot for legit small FOV Playstyles.
TeamAim - Toggle friendly fire options.
CloseAim - Toggle distance based aiming algorithm, (cDelta for increased stickyness), CloseAim 2, whoever is closest to the crosshair (instead of player distance).
FOV - Adjust the Field of View of the aimbot or percentage of the screen (starting from the center) that the aimbot will target enemies.
Aimkey - Adjust which key the aimbot will use to aim.
AimDraw - Toggle the Drawing of the Aimspot on enemies (Visible/Always).
VisibleCheck - Visible Checking on Enemies w/ Close Enemy.
NoHop - Aim at One Target per press of the AimKey (Aimbot Doesn't Hop to Other Targets even after death).
RandomSpot - Randomizes the Spot around the target bones, making your aim look more Humanized & Legit.
Aimtime - Amount of time that the aimbot & Aimbot-RCS is active for, after you press the aimkey.
Ammo Management - Disable Aimbot & Triggerbot when the Gun Clip is Empty (NEW)
Ignore Jumping - Ignore Jumping Players.
CloseFOV - Different FOV for Players with in a Certain Distance (CloseFOV Distance)
CloseFOV Scoped - Use the CloseFOV Value while you are scoped.
bSpotted Secondary Vischeck - Optional bSpotted Vischeck instead of normal Vischeck.
AimOnShoot - Aim when Shooting, Aim when Not Shooting.
RecoilAfter - Start Recoil After X Bullets (Good for 1-2 Taps).

Recoil - Adjust the recoil counter while using the aimbot.
RecoilKey - Adjust which key the anti-recoil is set on. (For all Aimbot Keys)
RecoilType - Control if recoil control is always on or only when using the Aimbot (RCS Type 4)
RCS System


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