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Personal Achievements

Your Lucky Day

Complete Deadcut's Tutorial
Unlocked Feb 17 @ 4:20pm

More Power to You

Power up to 10000
Unlocked Feb 17 @ 4:05pm

As Far Away As Possible

Defeat the Tyrant Rusher

A Most Unstable Organism

Defeat the Tyrant Eroder

No Time to Follow Protocol

Defeat the Tyrant Flamer

Float Like a Butterfly...

Defeat the Tyrant Reaper

In Two Places At Once

Defeat the Tyrant Reviver

Runs for Your Money

Complete all Elite Run Stages

Past Master

Achieve Grand Master Rank in Elite Run Mode

Fifteenth Time's the Charm

Capture the Shuttle 15 times
0 / 15

Pulling Your Weight

Win 5 Nerva Runs
0 / 5

Reaping Rivals

Kill 50 rival Runners
0 / 50

Memory Keeper

Unlock Memory Fragments in Mimir
9 / 57

Nano Connoisseur

Unlock Database Entries for All S0 Nanos
12 / 25

Gone Rogue

Unlock All S0 Exchange Mods
1 / 61

Completely Customizable

Unlock all S0 Companion Mods
2 / 32