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Kyneptic Jun 1 @ 4:22pm 
Well, I haven't forgotten you. Hope you will be able to get on sooner or later! (It's Aukave. Went thru a few name changes, and if you still don't remember im Austin.)
{SRC} Pegasus Jun 1 @ 5:51am 
I like how I said that but doesn't appear back online ._.
{SRC} Pegasus May 6 @ 11:49am 
{SRC} Pegasus Apr 27 @ 9:13am 
Idk where it went.
I don't know when I'll be able to get on.
I have the steam app,
So maybe I can text friends.
I hope you guys haven't forgotten me.
{SRC} Pegasus Apr 18 @ 9:04am 
Still looking for that power cord.
I'll keep my profile updated.
⎛⎞❤FoxinFox❤⎛⎞ Mar 20 @ 3:39pm