Daniel   Korea, Republic of
Tekken 7: Easy-going player who never BMs. No need to play like sore losers in a fighting game right? Don't worry if you do though, I just shrug it off and move on to the next round!
If intro not skipped, it means last round . If I'm playing like a spastic, prob cuz I'm drunk, half asleep or have cold AF hands. Screw Canberra weather lol.

나무위키 데바데 및 각종 격투게임 문서 개설자/관리자. 나무위키 닉네임: 이메티오라/Emetiora [namu.wiki]

[M.U.G.E.N] Character Creator :tired_tk:
[TEKKEN 7] Zafina || Anna || Ganryu || Nina main :witch:
[Mortal Kombat 1] Reptile main :ted:
[Dead By Daylight] Jake Park || Yun-Jin Lee & The Cenobite main :thehook:
[무겐] 캐릭터 제작자 :tired_tk:
[철권 7] 자피나 || 안나 || 간류 || 니나 유저 :witch:
[모탈 컴뱃 1] 렙타일 유저 :ted:
[데드 바이 데이라이트] 제이크 파크 || 이윤진 & 수도사 유저 :thehook:
[無限] キャラクター制作者 :tired_tk:
[鉄拳 7] ザフィーナ || アンナ || 巌竜 || ニーナ ユーザー :witch:
[デッドバイデイライト] ジェイク・パーク || リ・ユンジン & セノバイト ユーザー :thehook:
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