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Maps and assets for different things

surf_spaceracer [gamebanana.com] (2023)
surf_hellscape [gamebanana.com] (2022)
aim_battle_ak47 [gamebanana.com] (2022)
surf_devs [gamebanana.com] (Made in 21, released 2022)
surf_SOS [gamebanana.com] (Made in 21, released 2022)
aim_basil [gamebanana.com] (2021)
surf_runner [gamebanana.com] (2021)
surf_like_this [gamebanana.com] (2020)
surf_minecraft_2020 [gamebanana.com] (2020)
surf_intothewild [gamebanana.com] (Made in 19, released 2022)
surf_prismatic [gamebanana.com] (Made in 19, released 2022)
aim_map3 [gamebanana.com] (2019)
de_hoejhus_v5a [gamebanana.com] (2019)
surf_golden [gamebanana.com] (2018)
mg_koga73_multigames_h [gamebanana.com] (2018)
surf_flow [gamebanana.com] (2018)
surf_amir [gamebanana.com] (2017)
surf_japan_dynasty [gamebanana.com] (2017)
surf_rooftopsv2 [gamebanana.com] (2017)
surf_skyborn [gamebanana.com] (2016)
ze_jurassicpark_evolved_v4 [gamebanana.com] (2016)
hoejhus_revive [gamebanana.com] (2015)

Simpsons Textures: CS:GO & CS:S [gamebanana.com]
Simpsons HD Skybox [gamebanana.com]
Ultimate BR Prefab Pack [gamebanana.com]
Rick & Morty Textures [gamebanana.com]
Animated Textures [gamebanana.com]
40 Transparent Glass Textures [gamebanana.com]
5 Simple Buttons [gamebanana.com]

HLWC v.1.61 [maps.w3reforged.com] (2021)

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HilDal May 31 @ 6:53am 
+rep friendly guy
Koga73 Feb 18 @ 8:26pm 
Hello! Their profile is here: https://steamcommunity.com/id/panzerhandschuh/
the wizard of zah Feb 18 @ 1:31pm 
koga73, can you please send me some way to get in contact with panzer?
Koga73 Feb 18 @ 9:35am 
Hello. Sure! If you get permission from panzer, as it is their map really
the wizard of zah Feb 15 @ 4:27pm 
hello, i'm curious about getting the files for surf_utopia_night. i would like to port the map to CS2. please respond here or add me on discord @forfashire
thanks :)
joe Aug 1, 2023 @ 11:44pm 

Thanks for the response, I play on the GFL CSGO servers. It is very popular on the server and I enjoy running it. The bug is very reproducible on GFL live servers. If you ride the very bottom on either side you hit it consistently.

Thanks again.