[MARI] ✔Katti the Cat
cat   Berlin, Germany
I am one of the higher beings of MvM. Dont you dare to talk back to me. You should obey like a good slave. You will be kicked and punished for your sins. Everyone is born guilty especially the dark kind of apes. No matter what they archive they will always be in the wrong. So If you are one of the lucky ones... congrats ;)

I dont accept or talk to troonies, you will never be your wish gender. No matter how many drugs you take.
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:2017stickyorange: I don't usually add people so don't expect me to send you a friend request :2017stickyorange:

:rducky: Trade Link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=354417837&token=81F5ZYIR :rducky:

If I find you interesting then you should be grateful that I spend time with you

:cupup: MvM loot:

:Sorcery: 2 Cities:

:Sorcery:Tour 48: Flamethrower - 25.06.2020
:Sorcery:Tour 70: Ambassador - 07.08.2020
:Sorcery:Tour 72: Blutsauger - 10.08.2020
:Sorcery:Tour 86: Tomislav- 06.09.2020
:Sorcery:Tour 100: Scattergun - 04.10.2020
:Sorcery:Tour 131: Rocketlauncher - 16.01.2021
:Sorcery:Tour 152: Frontier Justice - 19.02.2021
:Sorcery:Tour 191: Force-A-Nature - 14.01.2022
:Sorcery:Tour 200: Frontier Justice - 09.02.2022
:Sorcery:Tour 215: Stickybomb Launcher - 12.03.2022
:Sorcery:Tour 222: Tomislav - 24.07.2022
:Sorcery:Tour 225: Frontier Justice - 17.08.2022
:Sorcery:Tour 240: Ambassador - 24.05.2023

:os_sun: Nice Pro Kits:

:os_sun:Tour 49: Professional Scattergun Kit Fabricator - 25.06.2020
Killstreaker: Verbrennungsofen, Glanz: Manndarin
:os_sun:Tour 175: Professional Grenade Launcher - 09.05.2021
Killstreaker: Hypno Beam Glanz: Team Shine

:Archery: Mecha Engine:

:Archery:Tour 107: SMG - 19.01.2020
:Archery:Tour 112: Minigun - 21.01.2020
:Archery:Tour 167: Force-A-Nature - 06.02.2020
:Archery:Tour 195: Knife - 14.02.2020
:Archery:Tour 200: Granade Launcher - 15.02.2020
:Archery:Tour 212: Eyelander - 17.02.2020
:Archery:Tour 219: SMG - 20.02.2020
:Archery:Tour 284: Ambassador - 13.03.2020
:Archery:Tour 306: Blackbox - 20.03.2020
:Archery:Tour 354: Ambassador - 10.04.2020
:Archery:Tour 364: Axtingusher - 15.04.2020
:Archery:Tour 374: Eyelander - 18.04.2020
:Archery:Tour 379: Flamethrower - 19.04.2020
:Archery:Tour 384: Force-A-Nature - 20.04.2020
:Archery:Tour 451: Flamethrower - 14.05.2020
:Archery:Tour 535: Force-A-Nature - 08.07.2020
:Archery:Tour 672: Blutsauger - 03.04.2021
:Archery:Tour 708: Australium Wrench - 18.01.2022
:Archery:Tour 724: Minigun - 11.02.2022
:Archery:Tour 754: Scattergun - 29.12.2023
:Archery:Tour 761: Ambassador - 08.03.2024

:celeste_strawberry: checklist :

:celeste_strawberry:Australium Scattergun :alpacapower: :alpacapower:
:celeste_strawberry:Australium Force-A-Nature :alpacapower: :alpacapower: :alpacapower: :alpacapower:
:celeste_strawberry:Australium Rocket Launcher :alpacapower:
:celeste_strawberry:Australium Black Box :alpacapower:
:celeste_strawberry:Australium Flame Thrower :alpacapower: :alpacapower: :alpacapower:
:celeste_strawberry:Australium Axtinguisher :alpacapower:
:celeste_strawberry:Australium Grenade Launcher :alpacapower:
:celeste_strawberry:Australium Stickybomb Launcher :alpacapower:
:celeste_strawberry:Australium Eyelander :alpacapower: :alpacapower:
:celeste_strawberry:Australium Minigun :alpacapower: :alpacapower:
:celeste_strawberry:Australium Tomislav :alpacapower: :alpacapower:
:celeste_strawberry:Australium Frontier Justice :alpacapower: :alpacapower: :alpacapower:
:celeste_strawberry:Australium Wrench :alpacapower:
:celeste_strawberry:Australium Blutsauger :alpacapower: :alpacapower:
:celeste_strawberry:Australium Medi-Gun
:celeste_strawberry:Australium Sniper Rifle
:celeste_strawberry:Australium SMG :alpacapower: :alpacapower:
:celeste_strawberry:Australium Ambassador :alpacapower: :alpacapower: :alpacapower: :alpacapower::alpacapower:
:celeste_strawberry:Australium Knife :alpacapower:
:celeste_strawberry:The Golden Frying Pan
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tea ✿ Oct 18, 2023 @ 11:05pm 
somehow cares about trans people more than trans people
Snuuut Sep 14, 2023 @ 8:49am 
young Patriot my dear, the subject of my native language is still closed as you have been literally annihilated with a sheer overwhelming amount of undisputable evidence ;P

just refrain from continuously butchering my native language with obvious translator german and learn the language properly if you wanna be able to actually speak it ;)
and please refrain from blatantly faking evidence... you already lost... new lies please :pakpak:
[MARI] ✔Katti the Cat Sep 14, 2023 @ 12:14am 
Shhh patriot calm down. Didn't I told you to not spam my profile comments ? Why create an alt to come back. That seems very desperate and sad.
Snuuut Sep 13, 2023 @ 7:08pm 
then go do that instead of talking to me, as I highly doubt you can find a single tr4nny who isn't delusional enough to believe there are more than 2 genders but is delusional enough to change their gender. Prove me wrong tuff guy! C'mon!

If you do prove me wrong I will be HUMILIATED BEYOND COMPREHENSION just like my MASTER and OWNER PATRIOT did to me when I used a translator and pretended to speak more than 1 language :steamsad:
Snuuut Sep 13, 2023 @ 7:01pm 
Oul362 sweetheart, you're using a translator to speak English. That's why you wrote "I'll got to work on that one." What the ♥♥♥♥ is that supposed to mean? Just speak German, your English is not understandable xDD
Snuuut Sep 13, 2023 @ 7:00pm 
Snuuut my victim to claim I'm not a fluent German speaker is to deny the very existence of all these screenshots
But you can't deny something that is right there. Come up with new lies please :steamhappy: