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vince 11/jan./2022 às 8:58 
Great trader. Have a great week! 🤎
manu⁧⁧ACCS 7/jan./2022 às 8:08 
+rep gave me a big overpay to bulk buy my items,really fast and cool,i was scared i might get scammed but everything was cool af
xury 7/jan./2022 às 8:00 
+rep really good trader,told me about all prices and everything,really cool guy
Kenertv 3/jan./2022 às 16:30 
Deni 3/jan./2022 às 16:24 
Touched by Deni
ахахарь 3/jan./2022 às 13:31 
+rep this guy is really fast,litteraly it didnt even took like 5 minutes for my money to come,he payed trough venmo,i went first but i trusted him cause he seemed really trustable