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If you have one of those edgy profiles please leave. Also no one gives a shit about your pc mate but if your name is svenny it's ok.

who said boys with no bowlcut can be retarded
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Sp!cy 8] Oct 5 @ 4:58am 
ret arded
Sp!cy 8] Oct 5 @ 4:58am 
Pakistani Dan Sep 12 @ 10:07am 
Never high, just maintain
Hate this fame, hate this game
Take these shoes, last a day
Oil flowing through my veins
Lil Remains that make that stain
Y'all look good in cellophane
sira.Y Sep 11 @ 5:01am 
-rep had to buy a mountain backpack to carry this guy in league, it still broke, how heavy can you get?
Fuzzin Aug 14 @ 9:14am 
i have an edgy profile :KYS:
Pakistani Dan Aug 2 @ 11:48am 
They took 2 of my tunes down, mum kept shedding tears somebody tell her, I dont give a ♥♥♥♥ that her son aint here, ever since her son got dropped their whole block aint done♥♥♥♥♥♥ and I was laughin when I saw the pic of a mum just bury her kid