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Cale Sales
What a shocking discovery!

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Reborn Jul 28 @ 1:05am 
He boy,accept me for trade offer . have nice day boy (;
Discovery [⇄] Jul 24 @ 5:02am 
Yes, I would accept that.
Fishbowlnoface Jul 24 @ 4:47am 
Would you accept 25 keys pure for your TPOH?
Fishbowlnoface Jul 24 @ 4:38am 
Well, Rip my wallet and weeks of effort!
Fishbowlnoface Jul 24 @ 4:30am 
Aw, ive been trading up to that unusual for a very long time :(
Discovery [⇄] Jul 24 @ 4:29am 
Hey! I appreciate your offer, but I'm going to decline because I'm not really a fan of the Universal Translator. Thanks anyway, though!