High Tech Hardcore
This is hardcore! :masonfist:

:PurpleEyeMonster: Masters of Hardcore :PurpleEyeMonster: [www.mastersofhardcore.com]

:Horzine: Dominator :Horzine: [www.dominatorfestival.nl]

:fire: Art of Dance :fire: [www.artofdance.nl]

Music requires skill
This ain't about the money
The cars, the jewerly, the girls
This is about the craft
What goes on inside the head of masters
This shows how powerful music is
How it changes the world
This isn't a game
This is the art

☣ ☣ ☣
Miss K8 | Qlimax 2019 :r3skull:

Radical Redemption | Qlimax 2019 :IronSkull:

Qlimax 2016 | Angerfist :PurpleEyeMonster:

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