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Sup. Why u here 4? Friend me if you want to, block me if you want to, ignore me if you want to, ask questions if you want to.

I'm just a wannabe lol.
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Some general info about me as a person.

Most nostalgic game: Ratchet and clank 3

Favorite games right now:

Horror games: Amnesia and resident evil 4.
Shooty shooty bang bang games: CS:GO, Devil daggers and team fortress 2.
Just generally good games: GTA 5 (not gta online obviously) and san andreas.
RPGs:The elder scrolls 3/4/5 and Fallout 1/2/3/New vegas.
Playstation platformers: Almost all of them but just for you i will create a list.
Ratchet and clank, Jak and daxter, Spyro the dragon, Crash bandicoot and all the other great ones.

Games is my passion and im litteraly addicted to them. There are so many great games out there and you cant list them all! They are the only thing these days that fill me with joy and happiness. I know that it's not smart to use games as a escape from reality but that is what i do and i can't help myself when everything else makes me depressed. Maybe if i had someone to love other then family then life would have a purpose? Idk and i don't care at the moment to be honest.

Other stuff about me

Eye color: Darkish green.
Gender: Male
Age: Won't say exactly but i'm a teenager alright.
Not very sociable and not looking for a relationship and probably never will.

Okay this part is actually shorter then the games part because i don't wanna say to much and it isn't really something important in my honest opinion.

Things to keep in mind

I'm autistic/aspie... But i guess im more "normal". For example on average i solve more math problems and much harder math problems but it takes just a bit longer to solve regular easy math problems.

In other words no matter how hard the problem is i will eventually find a solution but litteraly everyone else somehow does everything else faster than me. They can write faster, read faster and learn faster while i need something explained in just a tad bit more detail 2 times before i can even grasp the concept or rule.

And also i'm very repetetive with my interests and have very strong interests which may explain why i'm addicted to video games and stuff. And like most people on the spectrum i'm only really good at maths and languague.

I will end this "info box" with a story.

"Many years ago i travelled to tallin with my family, the boat ride fine and selection of drinks yet finer. Once we stepped out the boat we did as we always had done, looked around for things to buy: Souveneirs and food and you name it.

We saw a russian looking man selling gas masks and knifes for cheap, 10 euros for every gasmask precisely. We bought a mask and went on our way, to where i don't remember. A couple of years later we returned and we saw a familiar sight...

Somebody was selling knifes and gasmasks for cheap! He too looked to be russian and it gave me hope and happiness. My sister was old enough to own one (at least dad thought so), and so they both bought a knife each because they wanted it last time.

As we walked away we saw him eat with one of his buddies. Pancakes, jam, and some vodka.
If we go there again we will be sure to find a russian selling odd things for cheap as we always do."

Yeah sorry for being an illiterate swede but that's a funny and campy story. Thank you to whoever had the tolerance to read all the way through. And if you are here because of something retarded i said then just remember i'm still figuring out how the steam "layout" works.

Bottom text and goodbye

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