I love the Hazmat Headcase.
Hackers votekicked: 18 (i know it is not much but we all start somewhere)
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Age: 14
Favourite game: Team Fortress 2
TF2 main: Pyro (but i also like Soldier, Demoman, Scout, Sniper and Medic)
Favourite color: Blue
Favourite TF2 Weapons: Thermal Thruster, Axtinguisher and Flare gun

Things i like.
Space wallpapers(They look nice)
Comedy movies and TV shows

Things i dislike.
Smokers(because they are literally getting away with murder)
People who do not read this box

Feel free to add me if
You can provide a reason if you are VAC banned (I do not accept game banned and trade banned users)
You are not marked as a scammer on steamrep.
Your steam profile does not contain porn, underdressed characters, racial slurs, or symbols like the Swastika
I have started to give people second chances although I will still remove you if you abuse that.

Also i will remove you if
You repeatedly insult me.
You repeatedly beg for items.
You spaminvite me to groups unless you have a good reason to. I will not join your Justin Bieber fanclub and end up blocking all communication between us. If you send an invite and i decline it for the love of Gaben DO NOT RESEND IT!!!!
You repeatedly try to make me to do stuff that i do not want to.
Or you repeatedlty annoy me.

My stuff

My Discord server [discord.gg]
My Outpost trades [www.tf2outpost.com]
My backpack.tf profile [backpack.tf]
My tradeoffer link
If any of these links redirect you to the wrong place please let me know.

Anyways, See ya later Alligator:steamhappy:
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Not actually selling. I'm just using the items up for trade box as an extended item showcase.
Review Showcase
Step 1. Buy game.
Step 2. Get TF2 items.
Step 3. Uninstall game.

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HazmatPyro Aug 7 @ 12:07pm 
DaddyWheezer Aug 7 @ 11:41am 
+Rep really great person!
DaddyWheezer Aug 4 @ 6:54am 
Hey I was on YouTube and I found one of your videos warning me about the new scam, thanks so much I really appreciate it!
dommagédon Aug 2 @ 7:22am 
+rep very good man
HazmatPyro Aug 1 @ 10:54pm 
Oh, well. I'm not selling it. It has sentimental value and I don't want to sell it.
DotPlusDot Aug 1 @ 3:49pm 
Added to try and buy your dragonslayer skin.