🍂 Keep calm and be happy 🍂
After rain there's a rainbow, after a storm there's calm, after the night there's a morning, and after an end there's a new beginning.
___🌏___❤️___❤️___❤️== Erika's Showcase ==❤️___❤️___❤️___🌏___
☘ Information about Erika ☘
Age : Erika dont know it - it's so sadly story. Adoptive parents suggest that 12-16
Language : Indonesian, a little bit English
Gender : ♀
Erika living in : || Top secret ||♡
♜♞ Erika's hobby ♛ ♝
• Erika like painting, dancing and singing
• Erika loves spending time on beach
• Board games: Basically card games,monopoly, chess and backgammon. backgammon is favorite for Erika
• Erika knows such fandoms as Furry and Brony. knows a little about the Warhammer 40 000 universe
💜 Erika like 😊 ☑
• Fluffy animals: Cats- they are so cute purr , bunny - Erika so love them because bunny so fluffy and cute 💓💓💓, Erika also love guinea pigs. And hamsters do not like - they bit 😢
• Erika love fun, ice cream. chocolate and candys
• Rainbow and smell after a rain
• To cook
• Erika love beach, sea, sunrise and sunset ♥♥♥
• Movies/ Animes/ cartoons
• Music- Erika is love a lot of music different genres
❎ Erika don't like 😩 ☒
• To read anything
• Anger and rudeness - Please don't did it, we can solve everything without screaming and bad words!
• Deception and meanness, Erika does not understand why people that do!
• Sadness and moments without fun - but sometimes it's no bad, when watch sunset
• When Dammiel does not allow use laptop for a long time, and there are many other prohibitions, but Erika still loves her ❤️
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