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O^O 7 hours ago 
ambatukam Jul 31 @ 7:30am 
stop pegging me pls
O^O Jul 29 @ 5:20am 
nice try kid
heyy Jul 29 @ 4:18am 
runescaper2002 Jun 1 @ 10:15am 
Why did you come here for nya? is there a reason? Friendship? foe? I welcome all cause it won't matter anyways make fun of me all you want no one is perfect not relationships not friendships neither acquaintance. I'm just a kiytty who meows like a dumbass everywhere I go and I never talk about myself at all so go ahead and ask me if you want to know me. Not that it would matter with you asking me or not you'd probably get bored of me anyways.

So just have fun around nothing much matters anyways so just whatever call me Hage.
O^O May 4 @ 5:48am 
He loves boku no pico