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"High above Beautiful Downtown "Mutant City" Broadcasting to the "Satellite Mind" to gazillions across the Galaxy and a few on the internet, "Geo Pin Presents to You....Showtime!"...Geo Pin


I Am Your Galactic Guide To Fun and Entertainment, that only exists within the realm of my vast cartoon mind and can only be felt by those connected to the satllite Mind.

There is nothing wrong, with being a bad musician or bad comedian, I am quite bad at both, technically speaking....Geo Pin

The funniest joke of life, I have ever heard was the one about, did you hear? I outsmarted GOD today!...Geo Pin

"Music and The Arts are no contest"...Geo Pin

Humans put more value on their pride, than they do their soul"...Geo Pin

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'Get Your Real World Out Of My Cartoon Mind!'...Geo Pin

"Everyday of your life is a costume party, who are you today?"...Geo Pin

"You have the power to make the world beautiful or's in you!"...Geo Pin

"Love your life!, while you have it!...Geo Pin

GeoPin Mar 27 @ 9:41am
With Civil Liberty Intrusions, After a Teen Revolution and some still very Disillusioned, with all this Exclusion and No Resolutions, life is better in Seclusion that is my Conclusion. I did not even mention confusion, in a cycle of 24 hour nonsensical solutions to our very troubled and disturbing evolution, which will only gain the future, more Mind Pollution.
What will come next, Like Previous Empires, Will they scream for Public Executions.

"What's on your beautiful mind...Tell them what you think people...Your friend'...Geo Pin!
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GeoPin Mar 20 @ 1:31am 
I am going to continue to help the great people at Waveor Promote their incredible Surf simulation game. The price is 19.99 on Steam. A great price for this game, with a very bright Surf future. As they say, try it, you will like it!
GeoPin Jan 22 @ 11:49pm 
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GeoPin Jan 22 @ 12:46am 
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Black Panther Jan 17 @ 2:28pm 
Thanks for the suggestion man! Next time I get paid, I'm going to pick up that UT. I miss that game!
Tom Jan 16 @ 5:44pm 
It's awesome people are still keeping it alive especially since they'd rather make more Fortnite stuff than a new UT
Tom Jan 16 @ 2:16pm 
Gave it a download will have to D/L UT2K4 when my data resets :ontoagoodthing: