¡<GG> Gem and Key Swap Bot
Add me to get started!
Automatic bot for gems :gem:, TF2/CSGO keys :f2_key: and refined metal :scrap: swap!
Discord for quick support: https://discord.gg/Yk2ZTy9

Join group for updates: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TradingCardBot
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Information about the bot!
Hello, please add me and use the proper commands to trade with me!

Current Rates:
Buy gems rate
My 11000 gems :gem: for your 1 CSGO key :f2_key: → !buygems (amount)
My 11000 gems :gem: for your 1 TF2 key :f2_key: → !selltf (amount)
My 225 gems :gem: for your 1 Refined metal :scrap: → !buyref (amount)

Sell gems rates
My 1 CSGO key :f2_key: for your 12500 gems :gem: → !sellgems (amount)
My 1 TF2 key :f2_key: for your 11800 gems :gem: → !buytf (amount)
My 1 Refined metal :scrap: for your 250 gems :gem: → !sellref (amount)

Swap rates
My 1 CSGO key :f2_key: = 53 refined metal :scrap: → !swaprefcsgo (amount)
My 49 refined metal :scrap: = 1 CSGO key :f2_key: → !swapcsgoref (amount)
My 1 TF2 keys :f2_key: = 1 CSGO keys :f2_key: → !swapcsgotf (amount)
My 7 CSGO key :f2_key: = 8 TF2 key :f2_key: → !swaptfcsgo (amount)
My 48 refined metal :scrap: = 1 TF2 key :f2_key: → !swaptfref (amount)
My 1 TF2 key :f2_key: = 49 refined metal :scrap: → !swapreftf (amount)

!help - shows all of the commands you must use to trade with the bot.
!prices / !rates - shows you the prices of everything, buy and sell rates.
!check - shows how many gems, keys and Refined metal the bot has and rates.
!sellcheck - shows amount of gems, keys and refined metal you have and sell rates.
!sellgems (amount) - Sell your gems for CSGO keys.
!selltf (amount) - Sell your TF2 keys for gems.
!sellref (amount) - Sell your gems for Refined Metal.
!buygems (amount) - buy gems for your CSGO keys.
!buytf (amount) - buy TF2 keys for your gems.
!buyref (amount) - buy gems for your Refined Metal.
!swapcsgotf [amount] - use your CSGO keys to purchase my TF2 keys
!swaptfcsgo [amount] - use your TF2 keys to purchase my CSGO keys
!swapreftf [amount] - use your Refined metal to purchase my TF2 keys
!swaprefcsgo [amount] - use your Refined metal to purchase my CSGO keys
!swapcsgoref [amount] - use your CSGO keys to purchase my Refined metal
!swaptfref [amount] - use your TF2 keys to purchase my Refined metal
!owner - shows owner profile, contact me if you have any issues.
Items Up For Trade
Items Owned
Trades Made
Market Transactions
Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TradingCardBot
Discord for support: https://discord.gg/Yk2ZTy9

Lost, confused? Please read the guide: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/TradingCardBot/discussions/0/3338745825893710293/

Max keys per trade: 200

< Does not accept Hydra keys >

Accepted payment:
Chroma 2 Case Key
Huntsman Case Key
Chroma Case Key
eSports Key
Operation Vanguard Case Key
Shadow Case Key
Operation Wildfire Case Key
Winter Offensive Case Key
Revolver Case Key
Falchion Case Key
Operation Breakout Case Key
Chroma 3 Case Key
CS:GO Case Key
Operation Phoenix Case Key
Gamma Case Key
Gamma 2 Case Key
Glove Case Key
Spectrum Case Key
Spectrum 2 Case Key
Clutch Case Key
Horizon Case Key
Danger Zone Case Key
Prisma Case Key
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Blue Moon Cosmetic Key
Abominable Cosmetic Key
Unleash the Beast Cosmetic Key
End of the Line Key
Winter 2017 Cosmetic Key
Invasion Community Update Key
Tough Break Key
Rainy Day Cosmetic Key
Tough Break Cosmetic Key
Gun Mettle Cosmetic Key
Gun Mettle Key
Creepy Crawly Key
Gargoyle Key
Mayflower Cosmetic Key
Mann Co. Strongbox Key
Mann Co. Stockpile Crate Key
Robo Community Crate Key
Jungle Jackpot War Paint Key
Infernal Reward War Paint Key
Winter 2017 War Paint Key
Summer Appetizer Key
Winter 2018 Cosmetic Key
Refined Metal (Not reclaimed or scrap)
Steam gems (Not in a sack, does not need to be stacked)
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TradingCardsQuick - Public Group
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