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Dawn, Marcus, Schatten   New York, New York, United States
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My name is Dawn, Marcus, Schatten, DJ, [E404], Roo or whatever you want to call me
My name is Joe,Joey,Joseph,Schatten,Marcus,DJ,[E404] or whatever you want to call me
A little about me:
THIS IS MY NEW ACCOUNT, My main account was hacked and deleted off of Steam Servers sadly... (not anymore! It got my account back!) but I'm back up and running now :D (Not really I'm paranoid and sad at all times on Steam know what assholes can do to you...)
I am a Soldier main on Team Fortress 2 (RIP Scunt)
I use HLDJ and SLAM in game, if you would like to hear a song over the mic just friend me and send me a YouTube link to the song!(I accept stupid micspams too)
I'm a furry Furfag
I LOVE Wolves Duh that's why I'm a German/Australian Wolf
I love playing games with friends
I'm shy Extremely
I have crippling anxiety Normal and Social
I have clinical depression
I am bipolar
I have schizophrenia
I'm one of the ultimate elements of cringe ;3

Regardless of what anyone says, hands down the best music video I have ever seen.

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Currently In-Game
Team Fortress 2
Music and Things!

FANGPIRE is my first ever and my main account on Steam, its what had started my life of gaming and was created by my brother you may have seen it in-game, it had an alias of MikeyStoggz. After six long years I was finally able to recover it.


Literally The Best Guy Ever! Daddy Ryan!!!😍❤

Regardless of what anyone says, hands down the best music video I have ever seen.

1-800-273-8255 - Logic

One More Light - Linkin Park
Hunting Party - Linkin Park
Living Things - Linkin Park
A Thousands Suns - Linkin Park
Minutes To Midnight - Linkin Park
Meteora - Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park

⁧Aug 22, 2015
You traded with pex lhantomhive. 7:08pm
–P250 | Mehndi, Souvenir Five-SeveN | Contractor, StatTrak™ MP7 | Armor Core, MAG-7 | Heat, SSG 08 | Detour, Dual Berettas | Cobalt Quartz, Glock-18 | Water Elemental, Five-SeveN | Monkey Business, AK-47 | Redline, USP-S | Orion, M4A1-S | Cyrex, P90 | Trigon, AUG | Contractor, XM1014 | Blue Steel, StatTrak™ Tec-9 | Isaac, MAC-10 | Neon Rider, Sawed-Off | Full Stop, PP-Bizon | Antique, AWP | Asiimov, MP9 | Ruby Poison Dart, Dual Berettas | Cobalt Quartz, Dual Berettas | Cobalt Quartz, Dual Berettas | Cobalt Quartz, Dual Berettas | Cobalt Quartz, Dual Berettas | Cobalt Quartz, StatTrak™ P250 | Valence, AUG | Radiation Hazard, Dual Berettas | Hemoglobin, SG 553 | Fallout Warning, Nova | Green Apple, Desert Eagle | Midnight Storm, Desert Eagle | Sunset Storm 壱, SCAR-20 | Grotto, AWP | Hyper Beast, MAC-10 | Silver, StatTrak™ Nova | Ranger, StatTrak™ Galil AR | Rocket Pop, AUG | Radiation Hazard, P90 | Storm, PP-Bizon | Osiris, UMP-45 | Scorched, AUG | Wings, StatTrak™ SG 553 | Pulse, Dual Berettas | Urban Shock, MAC-10 | Heat, SG 553 | Pulse, P90 | Storm, P90 | Sand Spray, MP7 | Asterion, CZ75-Auto | Tigris, Dual Berettas | Urban Shock, AUG | Radiation Hazard, ★ Falchion Knife | Urban Masked, Operation Breakout Weapon Case, Chroma 2 Case, P2000 |

Jul 25, 2017
You traded with Items Database. 9:31pm
–AK-47 | Frontside Misty, ★ Falchion Knife | Slaughter

Jul 25, 2017
You traded with Items Database. 9:27pm
–Taunt: Kazotsky Kick, Professional Killstreak Holiday Punch, Bill's Hat, ''I'm Ace Man!'', Strange Professional Killstreak Soda Popper, Strange Professional Killstreak Powerjack, Gangreen Spelled Earbuds, ''WOLF'S GOLDEN PAW Strange Professional Killstreak Australium Axstinguisher)'', ''❤ Red-Rocket! ❤ (Strange Professional Killstreak Detonator)'', ''❤ Wrapped-Rocket ❤ (Strange Professional Killstreak Flare-Gun)'', ''Satans' Medi Gun (Strange Professional Killstreak Degreaser)'', Unusual Head Warmer, Strange Sub Zero Suit, Strange Specialized Killstreak Rocket Launcher, ''Fetch!- O-oh! Sorry That Hit You >~< (Strange Professional Killstreak Sandman)''

Jul 25, 2017
You traded with Items Database Program. 8:57pm
–''Originality'' ((Strange Professional Killstreak Australium Scattergun),"WOLF'S GOLDEN BLAZE" (Strange Professional Killstreak Australium Flamethrower) ((Spectral Flame))"

Here we go a link to proof that they're my items! <3

Not you Josh =w=
Asian State Trooper? Nov 3 @ 10:09am 
Oh ok sorry
Stay off my profile and those who surround me or I’ll end your existence as you know it.
The Great Panzer Of Wisdom Nov 2 @ 5:24pm 
listen here sir. my dad works at microsoft and he will ddos your chair unless you despacidont
Asian State Trooper? Oct 31 @ 5:05am 
Happy Halloween🎃
EvilTable! Oct 28 @ 6:39pm 
I still think I'm the hunter~