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Before sending me a friend request
✅ Please leave a comment elaborating as to why you're adding me
✅ I keep my friendslist for friends, content creators, and emergency contact
✅ If you are interested in working as a freelancer for GarnetGaming, feel free to reach out!

Do not add me for:
❌ Begging (CS:GO skins/free content)
❌ Asking me to look at non-priority items (your staff application, report)

DDoS Protected Server Hosting
:al_star: Hosting GarnetGaming servers since 2017
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Garry's Mod
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Friend request cause why tf are we not already steam friends? O.o and cause you smell delicious. - ex manager / current admin drp #1 - Jarold
[Garnet] Chief Bortnik Apr 1 @ 6:45am 
I am adding you because Karma is very bad at getting in touch with you for setting up Alpha group.
Jay Mar 31 @ 3:01pm 
I am adding you because I have been staffing in your community for 7 months now and I would also enjoy playing TTT with you again at some point. That was a good time.
[VK]Gato Místico Mar 29 @ 9:37pm 
Friend request because I used to play the military RP server and I want to be active again
Cynical Mar 28 @ 11:17pm 
Friend request cuz I joined your server.
Karoun Mar 28 @ 4:04pm 
Hello, i wan't to talk about business for an garry's mod project with your server, that's why i have send an frend's request.