Dr. Foxy
Dr. Foxy   Swindon, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
I never lie.
:YNHamsa:Of course, what is truth but to be made surrogate?:YNHamsa:

I am a massive, callipygian, raging, no-life furry faggot.
But I got some pretty kick-ass friends. :foxy:

Congrats. You've found my little corner of the internet, where I do naught but type-fuck play vidja :arcticfox:

I love meeting new people.

Unless you're one of those fuckers who uses being an autistic fuck as an excuse for lack of basic social graces uwu

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●▬●There is more pleasure in loving than in being beloved.●▬●
:bashrahn:●▬▬▬▬●:Jupiters_Might:●▬▬▬▬▬●:bashrahn:Let's Strike a Pact.:bashrahn:●▬▬▬▬●:Mercurys_Power:●▬▬▬▬▬●:bashrahn:

:neverwintereye:Soon we will all return to dream.:neverwintereye:

"I was blessed with a scope by an old man by the sea who'd never seen a boat in his life.
Through the scope I could see sirens and songs and salted sea sigh'd whispers.

I could see the depths of the black where the embering curdles of ash dripped, where the mucous dries up.

And I could see the shining rainbow of the stars so far away, dotting the sky like pinpricks through a kidnapper's burlap sack. Said to myself "I'm gonna see those sights one day. I'm going to crawl through this scope, I don't even care if I get cut on the glass."

I'll bleed a few drops from my soul just to be on those islands in person.
To be the old man who's been on his own boat for once.

May my eyes allude to nothing but fever-bound stygian moonbeams, and may my heart only ride crimson tide for the baser bonds of bloody-chopped beast. You'll still be listening for more, wouldn't you?"

:sotachaos:●▬▬▬●:Saturnalia:●▬▬▬●:sotachaos:~Slaanesh Ain't Got Shit On Me.~:sotachaos:●▬▬▬●:Neptunes_Trident:●▬▬▬●:sotachaos:

:Void:Tickle that cheek and take your throne.:Void:

I'm a deranged furfaggoty warlock with a penchant for stuffing my nose all manner of dark, dank eldritch places, an addiction to cinnamon, an insatiable thirst for Tolkien-esque fantasy, and some of the greatest friends I could've ever known. :BlackSun:

I no-life TTRPG's. I'm an amateur voice actor, and I'm stuck in the Bermuda's triangle of being a GM/DM/Storyteller. :purplewitchhat:

I'm horridly lewd, and I'm into some kooky shit, if my groups don't allude to that already. :InvertedCrossPurple:

I hate to disappoint those lookin' to add me exclusively to ERP-- But I'm very particular about the kinds of people who get to see that side of me. :timewarp:

I don't mind random-adds whatsoever, but goddamn if I ain't gonna grill you to hell and back if you aren't upfront with what you added me for.

:violetspace: A warning: I change my name and icon so god-damned much it'll give you migraines. Nickname me ASAP. :violetspace:

:datashard:●▬▬:righteye:▬▬▬●:datashard:~I Walked With You Once Upon a Dream.~:datashard:●▬▬▬:lefteye:▬▬●:datashard:

:sanoba:Ch'nglui shugg'nw ftaghu. Hupadgh li'hee'nyth hrii shuggoth.:sanoba:

My FA [www.furaffinity.net] I upload most art porn of my characters here, full of lackluster stuff. :Swirl:

My F-List [www.f-list.net] Pretty much a glorified kinklist. I haven't updated an actual character on here in almost a decade, but if you're curious what gets me panting and dripping.~:transgender:

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