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*DEAD* ye : sanya
*DEAD* ye : whats your cis gender
Sanya : non existant
ye : haha so
ye : do you have a pp or boob
Sanya : yes
ye : were you touched as a kid
Sanya : nah i wasn't brought up christian

libre: tr*nny mad phlog copage

Sanya: mitch
Sanya: do you frequent r/tf2
Mitch Jones: you clearly dont frequent b*tches
Sanya: no not really as i am the b*tch
Mitch Jones: not surprised to see a woman playing the easiest character in the game

Sanya killed darkmaster43 with demokatana.
Sanya killed cade is sleepy with demokatana.
darkmaster43 : f*ck
darkmaster43 : OFF
Sanya killed darkmaster43 with demokatana. (crit)
darkmaster43 : go f*ckyourself f*ggot
darkmaster43 left the game (Client Disconnect)

*DEAD* Your Local Shady Salesman: sanya ur scary asf fr
Sanya: uwu <3

derek negusson : how does it feel knowing the only way u get a smidgen of damage in this game is playing phlog scorch shot
derek negusson : get a grip : :3 : :3 : :3
derek negusson : f*g! : i love phlog scorchungus cos it makes all the angry people really upset
derek negusson : doesn't make your father any less abusive : :3
derek negusson : its ten across the ass tonight if u don't top score in this pub : :3 : are you ok derek
derek negusson : :3 (my family gives me disregarding looks at christmas dinner) : :3
derek negusson : you will never be a real woman : thanks for the contrib to my profile derek : <3 : kisses you lightly on the cheek

bavin.woodhouse12 : sit : sorry i only listen to the person holding my leash uwu
bavin.woodhouse12 : imagine saying that to someone from the 1800s
bavin.woodhouse12 : or like ur parents : i think all the people from the 1800s are dead.... idiot....

derek negusson : transgender person being a freak
derek negusson : 'person' im not a person : im a kitty cat irl

lachie : f*ggot pyro
lachie left the game (Removed from match by system)
Smidge ♡ Oct 2, 2023 @ 6:34am 
+rep love the website so much as i do cybersecurty rn at tafe its so nice to see something like that. i wana make my own but i dont have enough free time away from school to make one but i will soon. Nya~

also love the quotes i might do the same :3
Kite the Machine Sep 4, 2023 @ 8:42am 
Get out of my walls
Nahvee Aug 22, 2023 @ 8:12pm 
hi can we pleease smoke weed
Rigby's Fent Addiction May 11, 2023 @ 4:17am 
pawtistic doggirl :3 Mar 21, 2023 @ 5:25am 
+rep banger website + TRANS RIGHTS :3
siiva Feb 17, 2023 @ 5:52am 
-rep harlot