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Self Introduction (About Video Games)
Greetings! This is FiveYellowMice, an average person that believes in openness and freedom.

I should have written enough of generic self-introductions elsewhere (on my profile website [], or my personal blog []), so rewriting the same thing would not be interesting. And since it's Steam, let's talk about games.

Here is a list of the games I like, this list is not in the order of my preference. These are all the games I like, and I like them for different reasons. The order is just how I recalled them.

* fault milestone one and fault milestone two:above
These 2 games are part of the fault series. They are visual novels with great stories, cute characters and amazing art. Depite being visual novels, they gave me a stunning experience. The intense parts feels like playing an RPG, the light-hearted parts are good enough to bring relaxation. Strongly recommand them, but prepare for the dread of waiting for a sequel.

* Mhakna Gramura and Fairy Bell
A side story of the fault series. Fairy-tale-like story and art. A bit tear-shedding and really struck my heart. One part could be a little scary, but overall a warm experience. Also recommand them.

* Rabi-Ribi
2D scrolling-exploring-platforming-fighting game with cute girls. Really hard, I barely managed to complete it in "novice" difficulty. But the fruitful reward when winning a boss and fun exploration compensates it. Also includes incrediblly beautiful music.

* A Hat in Time
3D platformer - a genre that I really hate it when there aren't many developers making them. So when a long-time N64 and Wii emulator player like me, seeing this on PC, my excitement was unstoppable. Plus it has a cute girl as the protagonist. It's a little too easy, but still manages to be interesting (at least it's what I thought before playing its super hard Seal the Deal DLC).

* The Rainy Port Keelung
A visual novel based on the 2.28 incident in Taiwan. I don't know how much of it can be thought as a history-learning material, but it really makes me envy that Taiwanese developers are able to make this kind of game without much problem. Recommand it for any Chinese-reading players.

* Old Watch
A sci-fi visual novel about time travel. Despite its overdone time-travel trope, this game really stands out with its unexpected turn of events. The Chinese voice cast is also a plus. However, I would recommand completing its not-so-fun prequel before playing this game (it's not very long). I wholeheartedly anticipate in its sequel.

* World of Goo
It's a physics puzzle game, but more than that. With its uncomplex but very philosophical storyline, and atmospherical music, this game is a stunning artpiece. I have played it many times, on different computers. It remains my favourite in the genre.

* Memory's Dogma CODE:01
A sci-fi visual novel about a suspicious suicide. Set in a future where memories can be archived and simulated when a person dies. This game surely was a potential masterpiece. However, the ending is very boring and disappointing. But I still included it in here, because the heroine - Reina, is just simply the best, cutest and the most charming characters I have seen in years! I would not recommand this game to everyone, but if you are a bit stressful and needs some calming voice and bathe in breeze, you might want to play it,

And there are also NieR: Automata , The Half-Life Series , The Portal Series , BioShock and Doki Doki Literature Club! . But they are too popular for my opinions to matter here, so I didn't write any. And there are also the Super Mario and Kirby Star series which I love almost every game in these serieses, but obviously, they are only found on Nintendo consoles, and they are also extremely popular, so I didn't elaborate on them either.

You may have realized that there are a lot of visual novels here. Well, yeah, it is my favourite video game genre. But don't get me wrong, visual novels does not equal to sexual dating simulators. They are, as the name suggests, just novels with visuals. A novel can be a lot of things. It's true many commercial games of this genre from Japan are, but they don't represent all visual novels. And even dating sims sometimes have shining gems in them.

-- FiveYellowMice, 1 January 2019

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