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CS:GO moments :^)

-Eraz0r-‎: why is ppl with that japan shit always crazy asf or dumb asf

ETHIC: fire check status rbot wait ban [CraigBot v3] 11 report(s) successfully sent for 76561198035946817
Ⓟ fire夢神: xD

Prownzz|DE (Dead): nice pre haaha
Ⓟ 💜Firewall💜: pre?
Prownzz|DE (Dead): firewall vac coming

*DEAD* ✪ Kaczorek ✪ : ahhahahahahahhahah
*DEAD* ✪ Kaczorek ✪ : firewall bb acc ;)
*DEAD* ✪ Kaczorek ✪ : wall ns
Ⓖ ♥Firewall♥ : LOL

Ⓑ *DEAD* CB : firewall is ricg
Ⓑ *DEAD* CB : rich
*DEAD* _AnderZen : rich on hacks
Ⓟ *DEAD* ♥Firewall♥ : ahahahahah

Hadz (Dead): hahhaha firewalll
Hadz (Dead): ahhahahahaahahahahaa
Ⓟ ♥Firewall♥: ^^
Hadz (Dead): hahhahahhaha wh ?
Ⓨ Nygus╰_╯ (CT): -27
Hadz (Dead): on ?
Hadz (Dead): okay
Hadz (Dead): spoted 100%

Desois (Dead): firer enjoy bann
Ⓟ ♥Firewall♥ (Dead): lmao xD

Ⓞ ♥Firewall♥: ty ^^

no-shit-no-sleep: hacker..
Ⓞ ♥Firewall♥: me?
no-shit-no-sleep: no me
Ⓞ ♥Firewall♥: lmfao

nQQbmad (Dead): did you just toggle?
nQQbmad (Dead): lmao
nQQbmad (Dead): firewall pls
Ⓞ ♥Firewall♥ (Dead): me?? lmfao

HaeniZ1 (Dead): AHA
HaeniZ1 (Dead): OFF THIS
Ⓞ firewall.: acelele
HaeniZ1: hacker
HaeniZ1: tlelele
Ⓞ firewall.: :DDD

Sindre: firewall, you should change name to ragehack
Ⓞ 💕Firewall💕: ok

Markus: get carryed
Sindre: firewall do you have wallhack??
Ⓞ 💕Firewall💕: ^
Ⓞ 💕Firewall💕: ofc

KennyS (Dead): Report for ����Firewall���� submitted, report id 3165086557916889205.
Ⓞ 💕Firewall💕: LOL

Dino (Dead): report
Ⓞ 💕Firewall💕: ^^
NighelCápek: ?
Dino: it wont be that funny

✪ Lykr0s | Dicks out for Harambe: could u stop hacking? xD
Ⓞ 💕Firewall💕: nty

CrunchY (Dead): fucking hacker
Ⓞ ♥Firewall♥: lmfao
Kaffe: ayy

Don LamaR TR: firewall Report <3
♥Firewall♥: ^^
.raindropz: gg
this is biaaatch. BIATCH!: gg
Don LamaR TR: Nice aimasist

mRc_ (Dead): firewall n1 wallhack
mRc_ (Dead): report
Wiksa :D (Dead): wtf]\
mRc_ (Dead): yaya wh
mRc_ (Dead): :D#
Ⓨ ♥Firewall♥: ^^
mRc_ (Dead): hahahaha
mRc_ (Dead): report
mRc_ (Dead): port
mRc_ (Dead): report
Wiksa :D: firewall
Wiksa :D: fuck you
Ⓨ ♥Firewall♥: its like playing with bots on easy man
mRc_: overwatch is yours
mRc_: only hs...
mRc_ (Dead): its cool, winning with a cheater-..

Pølsefar: Report for ♥Firewall♥ submitted, report id 3131362502625984921.
Ⓞ ♥Firewall♥: :^)

Марко : JOKING?
Ⓞ ♥Firewall♥ : how did you not kill me lol
Марко : becouse u are fucking cheater?

*DEAD* αмαziทg™ : love ur hack firewall...
❤️Firewall❤️ : :]

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•Discord - Firewall#0001
•Battlenet - Firewall#21169
•Twitter - @Firewallowo
Main AWP for Wizard Esports
Main AWP for NoodleMunchers []

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Some of the best conversation's i've had over the years:

.shoot: i'm a failure at school with no friends, no money and no future of any kind
but atleast i have 900Mbps download speed

.shoot: "Please Disable Your AdBlock
Video will be visible once you whitelist on your adblocker."
.shoot: but i dont want hot single russian women tonight

.shoot: if i had arms long enough to reach to ireland i would strangle you right now

.shoot: do not add classmates as steam friends
.shoot: they'll report you to the teachers

☕Yiff Overdose☕ (Unhappy): I've got a basement and a addict
☕Yiff Overdose☕ (Unhappy): addict
☕Yiff Overdose☕ (Unhappy): that thing upsterairs
☕Yiff Overdose☕ (Unhappy): on the roof
☕Yiff Overdose☕ (Unhappy): youk noW?
👑Firewall👑: ATTIC
👑Firewall👑: LMAO

👑00who?👑: id honestly love to see a downy play csgo
👑00who?👑: like an actual person with down syndrome
👑00who?👑: playing csgo
Braided Asshair: I see 4 everytime I solo Faceit

"I'm gonna hang myself horizontally
a.k.a. sleep" -Simon 2017

fire神wall: i guess it will be quite funny when they see an LE above a global
Axie Otter ❤: i miss being an MGE overtaking a global
Axie Otter ❤: boosted LEMs calling me a noob for being low ranked

R∆GN∆R (Dead): i hope u take cancer

Axiee ♥: gay boy caught choking on dick and csgo
fire夢神: LMAO
Axiee ♥: front page of pornhub
Axiee ♥: and i see that title with you in the thumbnail
fire夢神: putting that on my profile

Ⓑ 185cm 90kg 14,65cm (Dead): the higher the rank is the more people abuse this unskilled weapon awp so i love deranking from global

Scar the wolf -hurt arm-: How are ya
💜Firewall💜: does it matter?
Scar the wolf -hurt arm-: I can't stand you have white MALE privilege

Spectral -wp-: After that, I'll suck your soft dick into my mouth and just keep it there as it gets hard
Spectral -wp-: FUCK, WRONG CHAT
Spectral -wp-: I'M SO SORRY
💜Firewall💜: nice

[LkS] Oken: *notices your depression* OwO What's this~

Treavy: I'm here for u no matter what happens ur my friend I will always be there to protect u with my own life
💕Firewall💕: we met like an hour ago lol

poni: I have a friend who is only friends with me because he wants to mate with my oc

♥Firewall♥: am i nice to you? x33
789it789: yes
789it789: but you haven't sent me pics of your dick yet

♥Firewall♥: do u even care about me
♥Firewall♥: be honest
[censored] is now Offline.
♥Firewall♥: okay, thanks for being honest

*random add
Never tell your password to anyone.
13 September 2015
♥Firewall♥: ???????
♥Firewall♥: rank?
frodo: supreme
frodo: go play
♥Firewall♥: i dont play with russians
frodo: lol
frodo: retard?
frodo: you dont like putin?
♥Firewall♥: LMAO
frodo: Putin will kill you.
frodo: fucking idiots

•Mouse - Razer Deathadder Chrome 2015 Razer Deathadder Elite 2017 (25/05/2017) Razer Mamba Elite 2018 Zowie EC2-B CS:GO
•Keyboard - Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 Corsair K70
•Headset - Razer Kraken Pro Steelseries Siberia 200 Black Steeseries Arctis 3
•Mousepad - Razer Goliathus Speed Edition (Small cuz high sens.) Razer Goliathus Control Gravity Edition Large (02/02/2017)

•CASE - Aerocool V3X Advance Evil Green Edition NZXT H440
•GPU - Asus Radeon R9 290X DirectCU II 4096MB GDDR5 GTX STRIX 1060
•MOBO - Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming 7 Intel Z97 DDR3
•CPU - Intel Core i7-4790K 4.00GHz Socket LGA1150
•RAM - Kingston HyperX 16GB 1866MHz
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I've been trading for over 5 years, I know every scamming method that is possible, so don't even try scamming me.

DO NOT add me if you :
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:haste:Don't have any friends
:haste:Don't have any items in your inventory
:haste:Will lowball
:haste:Will attempt to hijack/send me a fake link
:haste:Will beg for items

:Fistofdosh: BEG = BLOCK :TryAgain:


I rarely ever trade for real money, but when I do:

I will NEVER go first in a paypal trade. I most likely have more trading experience and more reputation than you.

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A 'port' of the furry vending machine addon for L4D2 by Toothless Dragon.

The reason that port is in inverted commas is because this actually isn't a port at all. This is roughly 100% custom, ripped some of the L4D2 vending machine parts and shoved them
480 ratings
Created by - Lavenfurr

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