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They call me the freak of the fall, You feel like a badbwoy? Well I'm King Kong... I'm that new high and you're the same bong,

[MightyPaiN 7:5 Ismar after he lost he start to rage]
MightyPaiN: did you enjoyed that rape
ICA_77eiMar: you only won cause you backpedalled
ICA_77eiMar: hard time losing to you
ICA_77eiMar: you beat everyone with your playstyle
ICA_77eiMar: even the best players
ICA_77eiMar: you just bore them to death
ICA_77eiMar: your kind of playstyle is whats ruined this game
ICA_77eiMar: but dont feel too cool about beating people with your playstyle but fuck your playstyle and everything it represends youre part of the reason haze is as much of a prick as he is
ICA_77eiMar: your playstyle pisses me off i literally wanted to kill myself

Praetorian: pain it's you who organize all the events and everythin ?
Firephoenix | MightyPaiN †: yeah bro its me
Praetorian: thats nice thx i have good fun with all events you're organising :)

Le Brave: dont care man
Le Brave: we will win you 15-0 rematch or not
Le Brave: sp
Le Brave: so
Firephoenix | MightyPaiN †: good luck with that
Firephoenix | MightyPaiN †: but without haze and extazz all of u are shit
Le Brave: you want say that it's your choice but just i play with haze since 2013 the time when you was not in this game but on mincraft so dont speak with the best player of the world bye and good rekt agains us and i think you will have a small probleme in your team kis
Firephoenix | MightyPaiN †: Lets go cunt
Firephoenix | MightyPaiN †: come on child
Le Brave: get a good place in the 1V1 tourny tomorow and i will see if your skill can fight me
Firephoenix | MightyPaiN †: we can see it tonight
Firephoenix | MightyPaiN †: are u scared
Firephoenix | MightyPaiN †: little boy
Le Brave: scared of who xd ? no just you want prouve your skill but me i have already prouve it so i dont want loose my time
Le Brave: i can teach u a lesson of how play at NW

[4teSLI] SwagSoul: why i suck so much against you ;c

[6te]DedyBrot: every fucking time you bring your very best
[6te]DedyBrot: this is boring as fuck
Firephoenix | MightyPaiN †: what do you mean lol they arent our best players
Firephoenix | MightyPaiN †: theyre decent
[6te]DedyBrot: we played multiple times now against you, i thought you can evaluate, but they are clearly above our skill

Wolpi: ofc it does
Wolpi: i said that mighty dont need to bring the best guys
Wolpi: fucking shit mightypain
Wolpi: and i already said at 8
Wolpi: fucking niggerkid

SlovakianBeast: TBE and chimpz are on same level
SlovakianBeast: how i see
SlovakianBeast: we need better tactics

[27e] Vegi daddy of Matoflen : lemme join TBE i'm the best player
15thYR | MightyPaiN : are u better than extazz and drake
[27e] Vegi daddy of Matoflen : yea ofc wtf u talking
why you insult me by saying that D:

LeBrave : i dont need to prouve my skill to some one with 4 medals and only "good" player since few months
LeBrave : we cant juge the legand
LeBrave : the player with 4 medals judge the player with 40

Darius : TBE its the most op GF team
Darius : we are gonna get raped
Darius : TBE its like a mix of England Ireland Scotland France

Coco_Ayala: I see you playing better than I expect
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Firephoenix | MightyPaiN Mar 5 @ 1:24pm 
Soon mate ☆
Potem Mar 5 @ 1:14pm 
take care be aware haha dude man when training xmd forever
Kaiser Wilhelm Dec 11, 2018 @ 1:17pm That is the link to the site where you can get the newest version of napoleonic wars
Kaiser Wilhelm Dec 11, 2018 @ 12:45pm 
hi, i have the problem that i cant join XMD-EpicSiege although you told me on saturdays that the server is playable at monday but it doesnt run. Did you forget to repair it or is it an error of my self? it would be great when i could join the server, i would play on this the most of the time i play napoleonic wars.
Tegmark Nov 11, 2018 @ 1:26am 
Miss ya old mate.
Speculaaskoekje Jun 30, 2018 @ 3:17am 
A friend, a Bro, a Woman, Mighty Pain Freakin. Respect!