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Yes, I am a lawyer. I don't have any commitments outside of work and I don't have many hobbies outside of playing guitar and playing games. I hardly ever watch TV. When I'm not working, I focus on trying to build up my curated reviews. I don't have any agenda other than writing reviews as accurate as possible from the Oculus Rift with Touch controllers perspective. Please check out my curated group below and follow. Thanks! :Forrest:

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I love to read while I'm in the toilet. I also like to do the interwebs while in the crapper. So it's just a natural progression that I dreamt about being able to Waveshooter (or WvSh as the hipster kids call it these days) while taking a dump. Throne of the Dead brings this dream into reality. I cannot wait until we get some mixed reality or augmented reality takes on this new concept of gaming.

In TotD, we get 6 different VR environments where we can take a dump and shoot zombies (or Frosty the snowman) for 15 waves. Want to take a dump at home? Check. Want to take a dump in someone else's farm house? Check. Want to drop a duece in a porta-potty at a consruction site? Well, that's one obvious, of course you do, who doesnt? How about dropping a deuce in an outhouse out in the desert? If you're the frontier, trail-blazing type then the answer is as obvious as a asking a dog if he wants to mark the tree with his essence. Have you ever dreamed of travelling the North or South Pole and braving the sub-zero temperatures to take a dump in the ice? Well, now you can thanks to the magic of VR and TotD. And they say there is no killer app in VR. Those people are either ignorant or fools.

If I haven't convinced you yet to get this game, then let me tell you that each environment is nicely done. There's nice little details in each environment and the zombies have skins that match the surrounding. And you get zombies coming at you from 1 sides, from 2 sides, from 3 sides! But never 4 sides (after all, the dev can't just let your posterior be unprotected, that could be dangerous).

You only have 2 handguns. There's no other weapon types. However, you can get powerups that do change the way that your weapon functions. Your handgun can turn into an alien laser gun, an exploding ammo gun, increased ammo to the max, or a freeze gun (in the winter setting). You can also shoot rubber ducks that pop up to give you extra health (max of 3). Although the zombies do have different skins, I didn't notice much difference in their health or attack pattern. Other than in the western setting where some zombies had dynamite that exploded. I found the construction site and the winter setting to be the easiest levels. Even though the winter setting had snowmen and a new gun powerup, I found it to be the most boring setting because the it was extremely easy and very repetitive. Winter came and it had little variety ... sad :(

With certain success you can unlock weapon skins which was a nice surprise and I liked the variety in them. Spoiler alert: If you die you go to hell and if you finish all 15 levels then you get to take a ♥♥♥♥ in HEAVEN! I was having fun for the most part playing this game. I think it's quite the steal at the current sale price of $2.74. Unfortunately, the last level (winter) left me with a bitter taste in my mouth because I had been enjoying myself until then and was hoping to give a glowing review.

I played this game on the Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers on i7 1060 GTX and there were no issues . If this game just made a few changes, I would have given a 10/10. Quick suggestions to improve game: Add more enemy types, how about zombies that throw stuff at you and you have to dodge the attacks? Bigger zombies. Faster zombies. Having to flush the toilet when your poop fills up? Add flying reindeer or Santa boss to winter. Definitely add bosses to the end of like every 5 waves.

Sale price rating 7/10, Normal price rating 6/10

Note to dev: please turn down the flames bloom effect in the hell afterlife, there's like red flames that pop up on your eyes and it's like looking at the sun, it's not very pleasant ... other than that, well made heaven and hell and nice concept
FastLawyer Jul 18 @ 1:04am 
I had no idea about the limit, thanks for the heads up. I guess I'll have to retire earlier than expected :mysticalskull:
FunkeymonkeyTTR Jul 18 @ 1:00am 
Hey, just a heads up i found out today that curators have a limit of 1,000 reviews... not sure how you will go about that but your getting there pretty soon... kinda sucks tbh
FastLawyer Jun 17 @ 9:52am 
@pampinella13 Portal 2 steam trading cards turned into a badge or the steam marketplace is probably the cheaper option
pampinella13 Jun 17 @ 9:33am 
ok and also how do you get the turret emoticon
FastLawyer Jun 17 @ 8:52am 
I have portal 2 already :p2turret:
pampinella13 Jun 17 @ 7:58am