𝓙ustin 𝓒   Ontario, Canada
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-freq 360 -allow_third_party_software +fps_max 999 +cl_showloadout 1 +exec autoexec -high +cl_showloadout 1

Dyac On
Black Equalizer 12 8
Color Vibrance 13 15
Low Blue Light 0
Picture Mode Standard
Brightness 60 80
Contrast 50 60
Sharpness 6 7
Gamma 2
Color Temperature normal
AMA high

"The people that tell you, you cant accomplish your dreams are the ones who haven't accomplished their own."

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pxl Apr 9 @ 12:17pm 
Hi FaNg, I have set a goal to collect 1000 signs from various pro players and I would be happy if you would help me. good luck
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Sign my prof?:csgo_chicken::steammocking:
El viejo sabroso™ Apr 2 @ 6:53pm 
can you sign my prof pls? :praisesun:
alexttag/ Apr 1 @ 3:15pm 
Can u sign bro ? 🩵
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Can you plz sign my profile?:tabbycat:
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can u sign me legend?:spycon: