Simon ' Fuks ' F.   Lens, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France
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Ex team :
-LDLC WHITE [Fuks, matHEND, to1nouh, bodyy, DEVIL]
-platinium[Fuks, matHEND, to1nouh, bodyy, storen]
-fish.l33t[Fuks, ZANDK, shaD, bk, jarod]
-AT.SPAM : [Fuks , shaD , zandk , Awokkk , FARIDZZ]
-fish.l33t : [shaD , ZANDK , LynnoX , AwOkkk , Fuks]

Last achievement :


Gamers-assembly 2k10 Top 64 [Fuks , RaisedZz , uW , vnK , SoX]
Century #2 lan Top6 Pro [Fuks , RaisedZz , roska , shifty , vnz]
Nexen 2010 top 8 Pro [Fuks , Raisedz , roska , shifty , uW]
Micro-lan #10 Top 1 [Fuks , Raisedz , roska , SpR , esteban]
Antec arena 2k11 Top 3 [Fuks , storen , koach , SpR , roska]
Gamonlive Top5 [Fuks , storen , matHEND , jrx , ApoZz]
CNGLan winter Top1 [Fuks , storen , matHEND , shcm , scara]
Cap Arena Top2 [Fuks , storen , matHEND , sub , ApoZz]
Nexen 2012 Top5 [Fuks , matHEND , shad , koach , ApoZz]
Ludus Lan #9 Top1 [Fuks , matHEND , shad , zandk , ApoZz]
Antec arena 2k12 Top2 [Fuks ,matHEND, RaisedZz, amoo , ApoZz]


ESWC benelux Top2 [Fuks , shaD , zandk , Awokkk , LynnoX]
PG4L CS:GO Finals 2012 Top1 [Fuks , shaD , zandk , Awokkk , LynnoX]
Northcon Top 9-12 [Fuks , shaD , zandk , Awokkk , LynnoX]
FoM 15.0 Top2 [Fuks, shaD , zandk, Awokkk, FARID]
Anjougame Top1 [Fuks, shaD , zandk, Awokkk, FARID]
neXen 2013 Top1 [Fuks, shaD , zandk, Awokkk, FARID]
Gamers-assembly 2k12 Top8 [Fuks, shaD , zandk, Awokkk, FARID]
Lanex 2013 Top2 [Fuks, shaD , zandk, Awokkk, FARID]
Cap Arena #3 Top2 [Fuks, shaD , matHEND , COcoSUPERSTARS , bk]
Opale Arena 2013 Top3 [Fuks, Sad, Scream , hornyix , PolaKk]
FMJV 2013 Top5/8 [Fuks, jarod , bk , zandk , shaD]
FoM 15.1 Top4 [Fuks, jarod , bk , zandk , shaD]
Lanex 2013.2 Top5 [Fuks, matHEND, davidp, Storen, to1nou]
buykey Top2 [Fuks, matHEND, body, Storen, to1nou]
Gamers-assembly Top2 [Fuks, matHEND, body, Storen, to1nou]
Lanex 2014 Top3 [Fuks, matHEND, to1nou, shad, metal]
Dreamhack Valencia 2014 Top5-8 [Fuks, matHEND, body, Storen, to1nou]
Opale Arena 2014 Top1 [Fuks, matHEND, body, Storen, to1nou]
Lanex #19 Top1 [Fuks, matHEND, body, Storen, to1nou] Top3 [Fuks, matHEND, body, Storen, to1nou]
ESWC 2014 Top9/24 [Fuks, matHEND, body, Storen, to1nou]
Evry-game city Top1 [Fuks, matHEND, body, to1nou, DEVIL]
Dreamhack France Top5/8 [Fuks, matHEND, body, to1nou, DEVIL]
Ultimate arena #4 Top1 [Fuks, maidhen, hrdz, Metal, NrV] top1 [Fuks, matHEND, body, to1nou, DEVIL]
ESWC 2015 Groupstages [Fuks, matHEND, body, to1nou, DEVIL]
PGW Open Top2 [Fuks, matHEND, body, to1nou, DEVIL]
MINOR #1 Top8 [Fuks, matHEND, body, to1nou, DEVIL]
Assembly Winter 2016 Top1 [Fuks, matHEND, body, to1nou, DEVIL]
Acer predator master 2 Top7/8 [Fuks, matHEND, body, to1nou, DEVIL]
ESLCNF top3/4 [Fuks, storen, laaw, lowki, maidhen]
ELEAGUE LCQ [Fuks, bodyy, shox, smithzz, scream]
ESWC.FR Top1 [Fuks, lambert, laaw, lowki, maidhen]
TWC Top3/4 [Fuks, kioshima, mistou, xms, nonick]
ESWC 2016 Groupstages [Fuks, lambert, laaw, lowki, maidhen]
GA 2k17 Top1 [Fuks, matHEND, MAIDHEN, YOUYOU, DEVIL]
Geek Days Top1 [Fuks, matHEND, MAIDHEN, YOUYOU, DEVIL]
CBE Top5/8 [Fuks, matHEND, MAIDHEN, YOUYOU, logaN]
EEL Top3 [Fuks, matHEND, polox, YOUYOU, logaN]
ESWC 2017 Top4 [Fuks, matHEND, MAIDHEN, YOUYOU, logaN]
Louvard game Top2 [Fuks, maka, polox, YOUYOU, FARIS]
GA 2k18 Top2 [Fuks, Kan4, polox, YOUYOU, LoWkii]
Lanex 25 Top1 [Fuks, maka, polox, YOUYOU, FARIS]
Louvard game Top1 [Fuks, DEVIL, to1nou, YOUYOU, FARIS]
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rxL1f1catioNN Jan 31 @ 12:16pm 
Yo simon its me rolezki, my main steam account got stolen so yeah if you have time to spare could you add me on this one because making this the new main :v thanks. <3
ˈBEGINNER! CS.MONEY Jan 30 @ 11:22am 
slt, can you sign my profil plz thanks u ! <3
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Sign pls <3
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