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Steve Miranda   Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Brawlhalla eSports player for War
Your #1 Knight and Guardian :masonfist:

I train people so you can request mentorship if you would like, I have a really big thing to ask you before you request it though.

I only train people who care about those around them and try to be the best humans possible.

I work very hard on my playstyle and to keep up with my friends.

If you do find yourself a close friend to me I will back you up. I'm not a weak minded fool like the rest.

<----I agro pretty hard in Brawl...no wonder I can't leave 2200 lol

That is all, go forth now and bring your dreams to the table!!! :masonfist:
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You work hard but you...
Train for an hour so I’ll train for two :masonfist:
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Blackjack May 25 @ 8:18pm 
Energy banned an innocent man, please raise awareness for the ban of Blackjack's Alt, not to be confused with me.
9LT Be Unreal May 25 @ 7:52pm 
im bad just mentor me i just want to make my dreams true
Blackjack May 25 @ 7:44pm 
This is basically a friend invite right?
Alois May 23 @ 9:03pm 
+rep big man
TXF | Spoon Soup (Youtube) May 3 @ 7:17pm 
no u
Georgegd18 May 3 @ 7:02pm 
Lol ya nerd