Gabriel ( Gaby ) SANTAMARIA   Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France
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I'm one of the three founders of :

Hello cyka !

Я люблю картофель и шоколад,
Я очень расстроен контрудар,
Я выхожу из тени для всех вас перебить,
Мой член и мой нож,
храбрейший только остановить,
Я Gaby ! И ничто не может спасти вас !

Config :

OS : Windows 10 64-bits
Processor : Intel Core i7 CPU 920 @ 3.9 GHz
RAM : 12 GB
Graphic Card : R9 390 GIGABYTE G1 Gaming OC
Motherboard : ASUSTeK Computer INC. P6T SE Rev 1.xx

Mouse : Logitech, Inc. Hyperion Fury G402
Keyboard : Mad Catz, Inc. Mad Catz V.7 Keyboard Hot Keys (HID)

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Informations about me
Hello guest and welcome to my profile !
If you are on my profile because i've rekt you, just go to How I cry every time []

I'm for hire
If you need a web developper, who knows PHP, MySQL and HTML/CSS, you can add me in Steam, I'm for hire.

My CSGO Ranks history
Currently DMG
➜ Silver 1 :
➜ Silver 2 :
➜ Silver 3 :
➜ Silver 4 :
➜ Silver Elite :
➜ Silver Elite Master : ✔
➜ Gold Nova 1 : ✔
➜ Gold Nova 2 : ✔
➜ Gold Nova 3 : ✔
➜ Gold Nova Master : ✔
➜ Master Guardian 1 : ✔
➜ Master Guardian 2 : ✔
➜ Master Guardian Elite : ✔
➜ Distinguished Master Guardian : ✔ ( Currently )
➜ Legendary Eagle : ✔
➜ Legendary Eagle Master : ✔
➜ Supreme Master First Class :
➜ The Global Elite : ( I wish )

About Me

I'm interesting in programing some cool stuff like websites, servers and softwares.
My favorites games are CSGO & GMOD :)
I really love chocolate.
I've started learning my first programing language ( HTML & CSS ) on a learning platform named OpenClassRoom. After finding this website and learning PHP, MySQL, Python and other cool stuff, I've bought some books to improve my skills. Now I can do websites and other fun stuff for myself and for requests.
I'm learning and coding scripts for Garry's Mod since I have 286 hours on it.

I really think that coding is an art like painting or singing. When you are coder, you totally control machine. For other peoples, you seems like a wizard who do obscure things with his keyboard.

About Counter-Strike : Global Offensive

My team ( and me ) is currently training for a LAN. We want have our better level to beat them all.
I'm currently DMG and I was previously LEM.
My team is now sponsoried by MSI. More infos here : Click []

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Idiot things i've said :

- Cela ce vends comme du pain de beurre Gaby, 28/01/2017 à 23h22
- C'est tout à fait la vrai chose Gaby, 25/04/2017 à 19h08

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robinenragedgamers33 Oct 7 @ 10:01am 
@The Scientist est un putain de rageux

The Scientist Sep 30 @ 8:39pm 
Ta grosse mere la pute qui va crevé d’un cancer pendant que ton pere l’alcoolique tu violera sombre fils de pute.
Gaby Sep 29 @ 2:05pm 
Mhumm... Une dose de rage ultime + un langage grossier... Ha oui ! C'est la définition parfaite d'un cancer !
The Scientist Sep 29 @ 2:03pm 
Apprend à parler français sombre fils de pute de blanc.
Gaby Sep 29 @ 10:00am 
@The Scientist. Thanks you a lot ! Come play with me again, I'll rekt you again and again... But please stop raging for now
The Scientist Sep 27 @ 12:20pm 
Fils de pute.