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The comments section on my, or any other staff member's profile of the community I'm in are NOT a ban appeal section. If you're salty because I, or another staff member banned you, too bad, your comment will be removed and you may be blocked if you spam. Read the important section below. Salty cheaters need not post, git rekt m8.
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Welcome to my profile!
Check out my portfolio at https://www.giygas dot tk/

What do I do for Select and Start?
Select and Start is a community I run with some friends, I do GoldSrc, Source, Discord server, and other servers, while Chaoticly does Minecraft and helps out with web stuff. Feel free to contact either of us, if you need help with something.

Select and Start Server List
Garry's Mod TTT | Minecraft Maps:
Insurgency | Push:
Minecraft coming soon!

Select and Start Ban List
Garry's Mod Bans []
Minecraft Bans [//]
Sourcebans []

Select & Start Discord []

Friend Requests

Please comment your reason of adding me in my comments.

Do not add me if you were banned from a server of ours, are VAC banned (unless I approve of otherwise), or are a scammer/phisher.

Due to the high number of spam bots that add me on a regular basis, I will not accept friend requests if:

1: Your profile is private. (except people who have recently played with me.)

2: You have not left a comment on my profile. (except people who have recently played with me.)

3: We have not recently played a game. (sometimes excusable.)

4: You have been involved in a trade scam of any kind.

5: You are level 0. (Some exceptions, of course. Like if we played on a server together.)

6: You have a VAC ban, unless I say otherwise.

Trade Policy

If I haven't played in a game with you recently, and we discussed trading prior to you adding me, no I will not accept.

How to contact me

- General Inquiries may be asked to me directly, I’ll do my best to answer them.

- My comment box is NOT a place to place your application, ban appeal, or player/admin reporting, we have a forum where you can apply for staff or report people, and a sourcebans to appeal a ban.

- For any business deals (wanting to merge, requesting sponsorship, major server issues, etc.) can be emailed at

Be wary of impostors, I haven’t seen any as of yet, but I can’t predict the future.

For any personal questions, you can email me at
SID THE SATINIST KID Jun 5 @ 6:52pm 
hi im just here because i can visit this link good time wait ahead
mildlyabused.mp4 Jun 5 @ 1:06pm 
I have a recommendation for you on your discussion about you modifying the Infinity Gauntlet for TTT. Take a look at it.
Giygas - Jun 2 @ 9:49am 
No problem!
Dr. DaniSahne Jun 2 @ 3:42am 
Thank you for the Fix of the Cannibalism Texture! :) <3.
ePocalypses May 11 @ 7:06pm 
It's Justin | ePocalypse
Giygas - Apr 21 @ 8:35am 
Too much salt isn't good for your health, y'know?