Hugh G. Rection   Longwood, Florida, United States
Owner of Vatican City Gaming []

I don't accept friend requests. If you need to contact me privately you may do so on my Discord [] server. You do not need to wait for me to respond before telling me what you want, just get to the point and I will answer at my earliest convenience. Ignore this information at your own risk.

I am not interested in joining any groups. I am not interested in giving you free shit through sponsorships etc... I am not interested in any partnerships.

Bacteria: the only culture most people have.
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***ONLY if bots are offline***
If you want Credits or VIP please send me a Trade Offer with your keys, metal, and/or items. You need to add the following info in the trade offer comment:

1-VIP or Credits
2-Your Steamid32 or Steamid64

If you do not add both pieces of information I will decline the trade. If you decide to send items they must be worth at least 1 ref each or I will decline the trade!!!
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SP3ZTRA Jul 29 @ 3:18am 
admin is not doing his job thats why i added you
kekes Jul 23 @ 5:05pm 
added to discuss about your tf2 server
Caliburn B>Halloweens Jul 16 @ 2:23am 
"for being a waste of a slot and having a lack of a life" ????
Knuckles Jul 15 @ 7:48pm 
Check sourcebans
Caliburn B>Halloweens Jul 14 @ 3:11am 
Got banned from Vatican for reason - I'd like to have an explanation as to why possibly.
JBV dont message me thanks May 30 @ 5:57am 
hi. how are you? :iloveu: