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About me......The First and Final Note.
- I'm not trading or giving away a thing. If the servers go down or if the items are there forever it's whatever. Please go add another person or look elsewhere because I'm gonna deny you of it. They just have personal importance even if that sounds dumb or stupid.

- I'm not adding anyone, but there is extremely rare exceptions. Not including random people, brief encounters in one match, college encounters, random small talk, other unknown people. Why bother if I’m only gonna play with you once, and then never do anything or talk to you again. That or if there’s a distinct time zone difference where we sleep, or are busy at exact opposite times.

- I'm just completely done with people in general. I've stopped suicides, given my time and resources. You name it. I've tried to make everyone happy. The truth of the matter is I can't please everyone. Everyone just took advantage,and I can't do this or that. I'm just one person. It's not worth it. I can't toss on every little thing or burden on to my life and worry. I can't even manage my own life. How the hell, and sorry to say does anyone expect anything from me.

- I'm not into roleplay or erp. Anything of the sort. It's simple. If you have the lewd go elsewhere If I really wanted I could look it up on the internet. If you're persistent I'll just block you and your smurfs for a lifetime.

- If for whatever reason you actually get close or know me email me. It's there for business or personal reasons. For those same reasons, it's not gonna be listed here. I get enough spam and have migrated emails; countless times for reasons like persistent people or stalkers. I don't call or text, mainly ,because I hate having a phone I won’t use. Mainly we ttalk face to face. If you're an exception well then you must be special.

- Overall and truth be told. I'm just done talking to people. I'm sorry I tried. Though I'm only gonna make myself happy. So I'm only gonna do what I want and how I want. If that means being a pizza delivery driver or a taxi driver so be it. I don't care at this point. Everyone just seems to want to belittle you from the things you enjoy and do to the small thing you did in the past. So screw em.

* To anyone I knew. Thanks for everything. I'm sorry I couldn't be there if you needed me. I sat down and reflected. I've basically done that my whole life sometimes fast, sometimes slow. I've had reality hit me countless times. I've had almost endless fun and done a ton of stupid things. I'm not an adult. Far from it. Hell I'll probably never grow up. Though you know I don't care. Life is just too vast and weird for me to stick to one thing. So I keep hopping around and liking every little niche thing or other thing. If anything sorry for dragging you around or carrying yah through the dumb stupid minute things. I hope that you find other cool and amazing people. I don't know if we'll ever talk again. Whether it be soon or in the distant future. I guess only time will tell. If it seems like avoiding talking or even contacting you, I am. I've tried to and have cut almost every other way of communicating. No talking doesn't make it better. Hasn't and only makes it worse later. It just feels extremely saddening. I just don't see the point in pushing a knife or blow any further. If you want closure this is as close as it will get. I'm sorry, it's the best offer I can put.

Best wishes and hope that you become better and successful.

TL:DR: I don't add randoms. I don't trade. No rp or erp. Email for business or personal reasons. I'm done trying everything and will be happy on my accord. We'll see one another another time, maybe. Nothing but the best wishes for you.
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