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I have seen into the 4th dimension.

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"Meme Man Meme Man can't you see? Dead memes and normies should hang from trees."

"Each day I have another reason to buy a gun."

"I hate men with boobs."

"Let the thotties hit the floor."

"Some times when I pee it hurts, and I think about Dat Sun." - Crispy

"I cut open my webkins butthole and fucked it, then I burned it in the fire behind my house along with all the clothes I wore that day." - Joshua

"I just realized, if your bunghole is loose and you fart, it wont make a sound."
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Doctor_YEET Mar 29 @ 5:27am 
Rumor has it that if you eat the ass of a white South African man,you will gain infinite knowledge.Want to give it a try?
Mad Lad Mar 28 @ 3:42pm 
Hey do you think the holocaust ever happened, yea me neither pretty sure that bitch was a hologram made by the Hiliary Foudation and Tupac. Any way send you around need to go back to court to because my bitch of a ex wife is taking away my kids, because I dont want to poison them with vaccines I mean I dont want to give my kids autisim and make them easily controled by obamas mind rays and make them go into fema camps. Anyway peace out AND MISSLE SHOOTING ROCKKET SHIP 8=========D-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-==
Daddy Feb 17 @ 4:32pm 
im gay but ur gayer
Doctor_YEET Jan 2 @ 5:07am 
Doctor_YEET Jan 2 @ 3:11am 
Dat Sun Jan 1 @ 5:06pm